Your future in a cup

30 Oct 2013

When I give you a Turkish coffee cup reading, I interpret certain shapes. To me those dark brown patterns and the white areas in the cup, on the saucer or even on the edges of the cup are full with clues of your life.

Beyond these coffee ground shapes I sense, see and hear things about your future. This is the whole combination and how your reading eventuates basically.

Are you anxious when you first come and see me? Well, like you are I am nervous too. Each time I face a new client, I get a sensation similar to a stage fright or performance anxiety. ‘Will I be good and accurate enough’ or ‘will I be able to connect’… The list goes on. The only way to leave these negative thoughts behind is being honest and open with you during the whole session.

Looking at the cup and its saucer helps me to focus on your life completely which means for a while I become like you.

I see people and things around you with your eyes. The first part of the Turkish coffee cup reading consists of my continuous talking, talking and talking more without knowing anything about you. Later on I take your questions and look at the photos of your loved ones to elaborate more.

During the session your fears and joys become mine too. We often cry or laugh together.

Besides a strong intuition there is no magic involved in this!

The only magic is YOU!

As a final note, I would like to thank my client Rebecca, who kindly provided her coffee cup picture for this page.

Stay gorgeous and beautiful:-)



Psychic Deniz