You Can Also Read The Coffee For Yourself

07 Dec 2015

You have likely heard about coffee cup readings. While you can always book a reading with a fortune teller, there are plenty of people who say that you can do the reading on your own by learning how to interpret some of the designs that are left in the coffee cup after you have drank the coffee.

The first thing you have to do is get a cup of coffee. Not any coffee is going to work. It has to be Turkish or some other kind that will leave sediment at the bottom. While you want to drink most of the coffee in the mug, be sure some of the sediment resides at the bottom when you’re done.

Some people say to swirl the mug when you have consumed the coffee while others say to cover the mug with the saucer and shake or turn three times. Either way, it allows the grounds to be moved around the bottom of the mug a little bit to provide better coverage. This can make it easier to read because there will simply be more designs and therefore can be more telling as to what’s going on.

Have a few ideas as to what you want to know before you even begin drinking. This is said to have a better impact on being able to answer your questions. Continue to think about what you want to know as you finish the coffee. You can then answer your questions by asking into the mug and looking for the answers.

Hold the mug and visually split it down the middle. You can look at the right side as positive and answer questions with a “yes”. The left side is the negative side and answers questions with a “no”. There are various books and websites that can help you to interpret some of the shapes and overall designs that are left in the mug as well.

If you want to put your emotions and thoughts into the reading, it’s also a good idea to take your right thumb towards the bottom of the mug and then move it in a clockwise position. This is going to upset the sediment and put a new design – one that has your emotions and personality in it. This can allow for a deeper reading because it is now even more personalized for you.

You can always choose to read the coffee mug on your own, though it does go against some traditions. If you want to know more about how to read the mug or you want to have a professional fortune teller do it for you, psychic readings by Deniz can be set up. This will allow you to ask questions and receive in-depth information about your life, your future, and more.

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