Why Live Video Psychic Sessions Are Best Suited For You

06 Sep 2021

I started live video psychic readings around 3 years ago, well before the pandemic hit our world. I needed a change. My reasoning was, every client was bringing their own energy into my place. It was getting harder for me to cleanse my home spiritually, and physically after the sessions. I was getting affected by the emotional sediments my clients were leaving behind. So many wishes, tears, push, disappointment.

I used to have a separate office. Even this solution did not help. Then I drew a plan. I was going to transform my person-to-person sessions into virtual ones. Still with the same dedication, love, energy, accuracy. Even more than ever, I was going to give my best guidance as I could use my energy wisely now. Rather than making coffee, serving it, washing up, cleaning after, I could focus on my readings more and more.

The benefits of psychic reading are clear, but the benefits of video psychic reading were something I needed to explain and clarify to my people.

Why to choose video psychic reading 

  • Video psychic readings are more structured, better organised than in-person meetings.
  • You do not need to dress up, or be in traffic, find a car park, basically, you can talk to me from anywhere you like. Many of my clients even sit in their cars and video calls me.
  • You do not need to worry about catching any virus, social distancing, or talking behind a face mask.
  • It is slightly cheaper than in person reading, as I spend less energy, coffee, time.
  • You still get the same accuracy, same dedication as it was in person.
  • By making your coffee, preparing those cup pictures, you get more involved in the preparation of psychic reading.
  • In the case of group sessions, via Zoom, Whatsapp, Skype it is easier to organize a session with multiple people.
  • Especially on Skype, you can record your session to listen to it again later.
  • Like person-to-person sessions, you ask your questions and get your answers in real-time.
  • In the presence of a psychic next to you some people get shy, it gets harder to ask intimate questions. Over the live video, from your own room, it feels easier to be yourself.

Gift for Loved Ones

Benefits of video psychics include family and friends. You can buy a gift voucher for a video session. When you make a booking for a loved one as a gift it is often difficult to find a perfect day, time, so let them contact me, and arrange a good day. They can be at their home; I can be at mine. Comfortable.

Overseas Clients

I have got clients from all around the world, and live video sessions make us closer. If we can work from home online, we can also get a psychic reading this way. Whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne, or London it is not important anymore. I used to travel and give readings in the USA, Europe, Asia, even in Mexico, and I am happy to do it again every now and then after the Covid. However, online reading sessions are the way of going forward for me. Enjoy your day, stay safe, and don’t forget to book your sessions!

Psychic Deniz