What is the Meaning of a Haunted House Dream?

14 Jan 2022

Every now and then we all have bad dreams. One of the common nightmares is a place where we get lost. It can be a maze, a dark corridor, or a haunted house.

To give the best interpretation to our dreams we need to recall as many details as possible. Understandably, dreaming of a haunted house makes you feel uncomfortable in the morning even after hours of seeing it. However, to make sense out of your experience, you need to remember some of the following:

  • Any description of this entity. (Gender, colour, garment, smell)
  • Did you see, feel, or hear them? Did they utter anything? (Especially words can be useful in interpretation.)
  • What did you perceive when you encountered these spirits? (Benevolent or malevolent energy? Did you feel relatively calm and collected?)
  • Any details from the house exterior or interior? (Colours, shapes, even furniture of this home give clues about many things.)
  • Were there any animals there? (Some animals can be protective like shamanic spirit animals.)
  • Did you see this nightmare once or multiple times? Hopefully, there were other characters on your side, and you were not alone in your dream.

Feeling trapped? Reclaim Your Power

In many instances, the person who had this type of dream is feeling unwell in his/her life for a while. When we feel helpless and not supported in facing our life’s challenges, then such dark dreams might haunt us at night. Losing a job, or not being able to find one; feeling stuck in a relationship or losing your better half; intense intergenerational issues with parents; not being able to move to another house can be one of the real reasons we wish to escape from.

My haunted house dream interpretation focuses on physical, emotional, astral bodies. All these bodies are your home and dream of a haunted house might mean:

  • These days you might be feeling lonely. (Family & friends needed.)
  • You feel you are mistreated by someone you love. (You stay grounded where you are, think calmly, and expand your thought horizon. Do not hold a grudge!)
  • You are uncertain about your life direction. (Think about what you wish to achieve overall.)
  • Unexpected developments in the family. (You need to feel in control of your life again. You are secure and loved. You are stronger than any dream or energy attack, because you, yourself are energy too. And a strong one obviously!)

What if it was a real haunted house?

If you were physically in a haunted house rather than in a dream, I was going to suggest what you encountered could be stagnant energy attached to the house. Either a deceased person who used to live under this roof or a non-human, elemental spirit that is connected to the place might be the source of uneasiness here. In most cases, such energies leave the place when spiritual protection actions are taken. As you guessed correctly these procedures include smudging sage, other herbs, and incense in the premise; praying in all rooms with cabinets and drawers open, and asking the unwanted energies to leave the place. You need to inform them why they can’t stay and encourage them to cross over with kindness when appropriate.Book your session today and help yourself solve problems with Psychic reading or you can drop a private message on Instagram as well.

Psychic Deniz