What Is Scrying Method And How Does It Help To See Your Future?

17 Dec 2015


Scrying is a means of divining the future that is as old as the ancient Persian Empire and probably very much older. Scrying can be done with many types of objects and you have probably experienced the method by staring at any object while consciously trying not thinking about anything.

The most ancient scrying tools are fire, smoke, and water. More modern scrying objects include crystal balls, mirrors, and any stone, glass, or mineral that is translucent and or luminescent.

Scrying is a learned skill. Some people are born with a natural ability to scry that is innate but the skill for divining the past, gaining insights into the future, and obtaining direction for the present are possible for anyone that practices. Scrying is a very personal thing and the best known practitioners of the art recommend that a person practice alone and does not reveal the answers that they receive from their insights.

The fundamental concept of scrying is the minimization of the self in an effort to receive spiritual and psychic guidance from the universal whole. The answers to your questions about the future are delivered through your subconscious mind. You must accept the fact that all things are already known to the universe and that your future can be revealed if you are willing to accept that fact and practice scrying.

You will need a quiet place to scry. You must seek to eliminate all distractions from outside and from within in order to receive revelations about the future.

The results of scrying to foretell the future is independent of the object used to scry, the color of the object, or the shape of the object. The object is not doing anything. The object is your point of focus that helps you minimize the influences of the physical world, your own thoughts and emotions, and allows you to make a connection with the psychic whole of the universe.

You are attempting to reach a deep meditative state and the object that you concentrate on is simply a focal point to reach that state. As you progress you will notice a release of physical tension in all of your body and your mind as you let go of physical concerns and become involved with the directions that the universe has for you.

With practice you will begin to see impressions of objects in the scrying tool that you are concentrating on. These images and impression are the directions for your future that the universe is trying to give you. The images may be confusing and strange when you first begin scrying.

The majority of people that receive insight for the future through scrying keep a journal of their visions during each scrying session. Review of the journal when you are not scrying will reveal a pattern that is the direction the universe has for your future.

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