Turkish Coffee Reading Technique

03 Apr 2023

In Turkish coffee reading it is imperative to discern dark vs light shapes in a cup called fincan. Fincan presents an overall meaning in the first place. Trained eyes can see if the whole cup gives a favourable or difficult outcome by looking at vertical and horizontal symbols listed. You can set time frames for major events and decide which developments follow the other.

Rotating the fincan slowly, gazing at angles of the cup you can concentrate on individual events. At this point, you might notice that some symbols are darker than the others. Normally, a lighter pattern means that good developments can occur in the time frame we are looking for. Yet, not every dark figure means something bad to be expected. For instance, if you are looking for your well-being or work life, a bolder pattern might symbolise a strong health or a well-paid job. In other words, depending on the context or question a dark shape might mean strong. A symbol might have a double meaning.

I mentioned reading the time frames above. Narrow and wide patterns propose deadlines for events . Not only in the cup but also on the saucer you can read those wide and narrow formations. As the coffee saucer tabak provides a large, flat surface there would be more to interpret following the cup. Generally, I start reading the cup and then I move on to the saucer.

You can use the Turkish style, Arabic, Lebanese, Greek, Minas-Santos mix , even a double espresso for the reading if in need. Depending how long you would like to read the fortune, choose the size of your cup accordingly. If you are after a few quick answers then a small cup is plenty. If you need a comprehensive session, then choose a normal size Turkish coffee cup which is about 1/4th of a big mug. English teacups are way too large to drink a strong Turkish kahve, therefore I would fill up to half of the teacup at home.

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As much as there are unanimous meanings for certain symbols there are also culture-dependent patterns. In another blog I am going to talk about region specific differences in interpretations, but today I would like to emphasise that the soul of our time must be adhered when reading a cup. Particularly, gender, employment, family, and relationship norms are rapidly evolving, and our translation has to be valid. For example, imagine talking to a lady in Egypt or in Australia. They are going through similar things. However, the cultural expectations can be different, and we need to be respectful of those.  

Choose a quiet physical and mental space for any type of divination if you wish to get a helpful result. To feel objective, you need silence both in your mind and home.

Lastly, coffee reading does not dictate. In many cases it talks about your choices and possible outcomes depending on your actions. Therefore, it can be an empowering experience.

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