Turkish Coffee and Tarot

01 Feb 2024

I have been giving Turkish coffee cup readings as a method of divination, and psychic mediumship. Recently i started compliment my coffee readings with tarot cards. Not that coffee readings need something more, but i have a curious nature. I was always intrigued by cards and i found that tarot is a nice way to show the visual picture to the client.

How i work is, first i use my Nepalese singing bowl utilising musical vibrations to connect with my client, and with this initiation the psychic medium session begins. Then, i look at the querent’s cup photos. 

Applying a multi layer approach 

Depending on my mood that day i sip my coffee or loose tea, meaning i also read my coffee residue, or tea leaves for my customer. Looking at your family photos-alive or gone- i provide more details.

In the background i apply my recently sun charged crystals which i rotate every day. Finally, i shuffle a 78 cards tarot deck and explain the divinatory meanings of these cards. Visually digesting the cards and their depictions one after another guides many clients to see what might be ahead in life.

Last but not least, i thank my clients and my colleagues at the International Psychic Association for honouring me with the best psychic medium award. 

Psychic Deniz