This Christmas Rebuild Your Trust in a Relation Which Was Broken

Christmas is a time of joy and forgiveness. We all come together as families. My parents are overseas so I will be alone this Christmas and New Years’ Eve. There are many people like me who are single and live alone. Hence, I do give lots of psychic love reading to single people these days. I see many ladies and gentlemen wishing to reconnect with their family, friends and ex-flames. 

I usually ask them: “What would you fix in that relationship if you had a second chance?” People often say it is the trust they would like to work on. In most broken relationships the notion of trust was the weakest link. Perhaps it was not there all along, or our actions caused it to disappear for the other party. But what can we do next?

How to repair broken trust in a relationship

  • Giving each other some respectable distance, space, and time. This is useful to reach a new-found perspective.
  • No more pretending that your person knows how you feel. Or you know exactly how he feels, as probably you don’t. You both need to get better at communication.
  • The thoughts, words must be genuine. No more hiding!
  • Getting help from a counsellor to recognise your triggers and thought processes is helpful. The way you think or act in a particular way has something to do with your upbringing, past relationships.
  • Love psychology versus fears; meaning believe in positive outcomes.
  • It is not just about shaming and blaming, the end game must be a positive reconciliation. 
  • Even if your person does not talk to you in the end, you are healing yourself. It is about you!

We psychics, talk a lot about love, I am also a psychic for love. What I mean by this is; a lot of customer enquiries are about relationships. A psychic love reading is something we do every day. Over the years, I learnt that love and most importantly the pain associated with that love is the one thing that we take away as wisdom. We are students of love from birth till death. First, we love our mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents, then our school friends, our first crushes, dates… The list goes on and we never stop loving although we don’t admit it at times.

Why do people hurt us?

Because they do not know any other way. Some are unaware, some don’t see the full picture. And we are one of them because we hurt people too. 

If we are part of the same spirit this means we all have something to learn, improve and forgive. We need to see that we are all imperfect, and Christmas is a perfect opportunity to accept and act for reconciliation.

What if the other person is already dead?

Even if this person we want to mend ties with is already gone, your intention does matter as your deceased ones are still with you. We are connected to each other in spirit. When you talk to yourself, they hear it too. You do not need initiation ceremonies, or secret prayers to reach your loved ones. Just tune in to your soul. You will find him or her there.Book your session today to know more about Psychic reading, love and life.