The Spiritual Meanings & Symbolism of Butterflies

05 Feb 2022

Spirit guides might appear as butterflies in your coffee psychic reading, or in a meaningful dream of yours. Butterflies manifest various meanings and interpretations depending on our life cycle and how you perceive things. Like a caterpillar turning into something as beautiful as a butterfly, we go through cycles in our journeys. A butterfly is a symbol of transformation, freshness, new age, elegance, vulnerability, and love. 

When I see a butterfly in a cup, I look at the direction the animal is facing in the cup. If it is looking towards the right, this is interpreted as something to do about your future choices. If the butterfly is facing the left; this means you are already dealing with the consequences of past commitments. 

In some cups there is a symbol of you and the butterfly follows you. Human forms appear usually with big, dark heads and a body like a matchstick, so you can discern this even with untrained eyes. In the cup, if the butterfly symbol is situated behind you this means luck is getting closer, by measuring the space between You and the Butterfly shapes we can estimate the time frame. In this space between the butterfly and you, do you notice any bumps, roadblocks or is this path smooth? Literally, this part of the symbol talks about possible challenges you might be facing till you reach your destination. 

Other meanings of a butterfly 

  • The bigger the butterfly is, the more luck is arriving. 
  • The next thing we do is to look at the Wings. Wings are crucial!  As I am using only the coffee, the possible colours of this butterfly will be only white, light brown, or dark brown, yet this is enough to tell you what will happen. As you can already imagine, the lighter the better. 
  • Are wings presented in light tones or darker, or do they appear completely in white inside the brown frame. Are there any dotes or decorations on the wings? To see minute details, I put on my reading glasses or zoom in on shapes to breathe in all meanings. Otherwise, with bare eyes, I can’t translate it all. 
  • In some instances, butterflies might mean love. I can easily argue that psychic reading and butterflies are connected due to their strong symbolism. In fact, seeing butterflies is quite significant. 
  • At times it is about a new job opportunity far from your current location. Dots inside the wings suggest how much earnings you can expect. 
  • Your spirit animal, or your ancestors and loved ones from the other side might join us as gentle butterflies. It might appear as part of your spirit guide meditation. It is soothing, helping, and caring. In general, there is also something reflective, almost like a spirit guide meditation about Turkish coffee cup reading. It is kind of meditative I find. 

What other times butterflies appear?

  • In times of separation,
  • When you are about to embark on a spiritual journey, manifestation,
  • The moment you know something new and beneficial is coming. You sense something you have been looking for is happening, but you do not know how or when.
  • The second we get stuck and need a solution, this symbol appears to lead us to a better future resolution. 

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Psychic Deniz