The Power of Smiling

21 Jun 2016

Coffee-SmileSmile is a body language which is interpreted as an expression of happiness. Smiling is very easy to do, but often because of busy awork and endless routines, it makes us forget the joy we can feel from this activity. We do not realize how great the power of a smile is. In fact, even with the diversity of language, culture, ethnicity, and religion around the world, smiling still means the same. There are so many good effects that we can feel when we often smile because a smile will greatly affect our lives, whether they are in psychology, health, and social life.

Unwittingly, with a smile we will be happier even if our body conditions are not good though. That’s because when we smile, our brain releases a hormone called endorphins. This hormone will make someone feel calm and happy. This hormone gives morphine-like effects. In fact, the effect is 200 times greater than morphine. Unconsciously, the power of smiling gives great benefits to our bodies. Someone who often smiles has an immune system that is better than those who rarely smile. Smiles also keep us from excessive stress. Medically, smile is also able to control our blood pressure. By emphasizing on a smile, we will be able to reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

From centuries ago, the power of smiling has been known as a natural youthful drug. To smile, we need only thirteen facial muscles. The facial muscles will lift your face to look younger. In addition to providing benefits for your own self, the power of the smile may also provide benefits for others. When we smile and others also smile, then it implies that we have to transmit the benefits of a smile to the others. The amount of the force from a smile can surely be felt when we meet with new people or when we are during an interview. Smiling will bring a positive aura, give you confidence, and give a good and friendly impression. Obviously, it would be a plus for those of you who will be applying for a job. For women, a smile is very important, in addition to improving self-confidence, a smile will make them look more beautiful.

The power of smiling can be very helpful when we use it at the right time. Smiling facilitates us to interact with each person and also a mainstay for breaking the ice. Smile is also a form of appreciation of someone to another person. In fact, some jobs require every employee to always smile, such as customer service, bank security, or a tradesman. Smiling is also believed to bring fortune. Of course it is very reasonable. As a prospective buyer, we would choose a salesgirl who likes to smile than the one who doesn’t like to smile. With all the benefits of smiling, of course it would not hurt if we multiply our smiles. No matter how hard the trials of life, we have to keep smiling because a smile is a source of strength to face every problem of life.

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