Thank you for your award bringing feedback!

13 Jan 2014

Hello my dear readers,

Last April I received an email from womo.com.au which stands for Word Of Mouth Online and publishes customer reviews of local businesses in Australia. I was understandably very excited when I read the following:

“We’ve recently tallied the reviews for 2012 and based on customer feedback, Psychic Deniz was in the TOP 5% OF BUSINESSES for that year! This means that youre a 2012 WOMO SERVICE AWARD WINNER”

True! Everyday I give readings to my regulars and new clients. Like anyone else sometimes I forgot how blessed I am and how well my readings went.  I just wanted to know how I won this award in the first place and began reading all feedback provided on this website about my psychic readings.

Apparently there are two types of comments. The first one is about the personal approach than the expertise on the field. Those kind reviews state that I was very honest, calm, warm, caring, relaxing, respectful and so on. (Am I that calm, I think we should raise this question to my partner at home!)

The second and most important aspect of your reviews are about the predictions.
Here are some examples of your thoughts on my readings:

‘So far I have seen Deniz twice and on both occasions he was on the spot with his predictions in all areas – more specifically he gave me some life changing advice which I am so grateful for. With his guidance I have met the love of my life, 6 months after the second time I saw Deniz I am now married and so happy. Deniz gave me the courage to break old habits and I am really looking forward to my future. ‘

‘I have to say that Deniz’s reading for me was uncanny in describing the personalities of people in my reading, and so far all that he described is working out even though I doubted some predictions at the time. ‘

‘I tried few clairvoyants in the past 19 years and only 2 of them have stand out. One has passed away 15 years ago in Brazil, Alvaro, he was amazing. And now, for the past 2 years I have been going to see Deniz, and I can’t describe and gifted he is. ‘

‘I first went to see Deniz in March 2012. At that time, he told me specific accurate details of my situation and gave me insight of what was about to happen. Now, 6 months down the track, the thing he predicted just came true. Amazing!’

‘The main thing about Deniz I find is that his predictions always seem to come true – I honestly have not met any psychic that can predict outcomes to situations as much as Deniz can.’

‘I was amazed and impressed with his accuracy in face readings and personality descriptions.’

‘I found his coffee cup reading to be incredibly accurate, very helpful and very interesting.’

‘I felt very relaxed with him. He was also accurate about my present, personality and I am just waiting for the future to come.’

‘During my reading Deniz was so right concerning my ”ex” boyfriend. All what he said was spot on. First I didn’t listen and had hoped I could go back to my exboyfriend on my own (after breaking up with him) silly i know…. and he buffed me off and he said exactly what Deniz has said.’

‘The reading was amazing and answered in detail, my many questions I had. I have recommended Deniz to all my friends. I have seen many psychics throughout the years and Deniz has been the best one by far.’

‘Deniz is a talented reader and was able to pick up on many people in my life and gave me cues to move forward.’

‘I have seen several physics in the past but no-one has been as accurate, insightful, genuine and clear as Deniz.’

‘He was very accurate in his description of me and the events going on in my life at the moment.’

‘The main thing is, he helped me with my problems and I now know what to do.’

‘Deniz is a caring person with incredible insight.’

‘I saw Deniz 3 months ago, I was very surprised at his reading…however his reading gave me clarity and everything he has said has come true.’

‘Deniz’ reading absolutely amazed me – accurate in terms of people in my life and the situation at present and detailed predictions that I walked away with it. One has come true already. ‘

‘Deniz was remarkably accurate and gave me much hope for the future.’

‘Astonishing … the reading was so interesting, accurate in depth and details.’

‘Psychic Deniz is amazing and I definitely feel better after talking to him so far some of the things he said did come true.’

‘Deniz is an accurate man when it comes to reading your cup. It’s amazing how he knows so much about you without you telling him anything.’

‘Deniz has helped guide me and keep me positive and have highly recommended him to my friends and family. There is simply no one like him!’

‘Whatever you told me about my family and circumstances are slowly “happening”. I have said this before, “you are amazing and spot on” ‘

Till my next blog stay with love, peace and a big smile on your face:-)
Psychic Deniz

Psychic Deniz