Nadia from Melbourne

14 Sep 2020

Dear Deniz, you are hands down the best psychic I have ever found. Truly amazing! If anyone is looking for a true psychic look no further; Deniz is the real deal! I have had many readings and only phone readings, never in person, and from my first reading to my least reading Deniz has never asked me a question to gain information from me. Deniz does the talking, I listen. Deniz blows me away every time with the finer details about my life, my feelings and people around me. The future predictions are so accuratre, descriptive and precise with the timing also correct, it is unreal. Deniz has a unique and rare ability to help advice you from trouble coming your way, also how someone feels about you. If you ask a question about a situation he will give you a honest answer, how it will play out – and my goodness sometimes i wish he was wrong, but he never has been – I trust Deniz is looking out for your best interest, such a special man! I really like him. I hope you do too xox

Psychic Deniz