14 Sep 2020

Hello Deniz, how are you doing? My name is Fernanda and I wanted to tell you that years ago you read me Turkish coffee at O’Tulum. It came out in that reading that I would meet a man who would live in one part of the world (and I on the other side) but in the end we would both live in the same place because he would be the one. 3 months ago I met and started a relationship with a boy who lives now in Barcelona (I am now in Mexico). I still don’t know if in the future I will move to Barcelona or he will come to live in Mexico. But today, I can’t get you out of my mind, because I feel deep in my heart that he is the boy you told me in that reading. You are the best with coffee reading!! You have been very successful in your readings with me! I am very grateful that you answered my messages, I send you a hug with a lot of love! Kisses and thanks again!!

Psychic Deniz