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01 Feb 2024

Turkish Coffee and Tarot

I have been giving Turkish coffee cup readings as a method of divination, and psychic mediumship. Recently i started compliment my coffee readings with tarot cards. Not that coffee readings need something more, but i have a curious nature. I was always intrigued by cards and i found that tarot is a nice way to […]

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03 Apr 2023

Turkish Coffee Reading Technique

In Turkish coffee reading it is imperative to discern dark vs light shapes in a cup called fincan. Fincan presents an overall meaning in the first place. Trained eyes can see if the whole cup gives a favourable or difficult outcome by looking at vertical and horizontal symbols listed. You can set time frames for […]

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05 Aug 2020

Intricacies of the Coffee Cup Reading

Intricacies of the Coffee Cup Reading: Coffee shapes have many meanings and my job is to make sense of them. Coffee residue can be read as a whole picture first, to get an overall gist out of it. This preliminary reading would tell us if the wishes of the coffee drinker are coming true or […]

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