Online Fortune Telling

Distance Coffee Cup Reading Via Skype

Technology never stops advancing, why shall we? My online fortune telling coffee readings can offer you insight and guidance on a range of life issues.

My clients in USA, India, UK and the Middle East love their coffee cup readings done via Skype. It enables us to see each other, to see their coffee cup and the shapes within, and it is like a face to face reading. Some people have their coffee and send me the cup photos beforehand to make sure I can see the patterns perfectly.

You can purchase 30 minutes reading for AUD $120 on PayPal. It is [email protected] Then to the same address you can email your face and coffee photos. Depending on the volume of demand I get back to you as fast as I can to schedule your reading. 

To see what to expect please read the Terms & Conditions page first.

Alternatively, to make an enquiry or an appointment please call me on 0406 985 290 or email me.

To see other in-person reading options, please click here. You can select to pay via Visa, Mastercard or PayPal. 

Preparing For Your Online Coffee Cup Reading

Brew your coffee and serve in a plain white cup and saucer with no pattern or decoration. If you can’t find Turkish coffee you can use any ground coffee as long as it leaves sediment after drinking.

After drinking most of the liquid, cover the cup with the upside-down saucer then turn it over. Put it down and allow a few minutes for the coffee to settle.

If you also wish to send photos to accompany your Skype reading, take two or three clear pictures of your cup and saucer from different angles. Email me the pictures in jpg format with any questions you want answered during your reading.

I also offer distance readings by email and phone, plus readings in person at my Sydney office. Take a look at my full range of psychic reading services.

Online Turkish coffee cup fortune telling by gifted psychic Deniz.