Powerful Ways to Reduce Anxiety with Psychic Reading

04 Nov 2021

Some of my clients call me to book an appointment when they are anxious after a break-up, a loss, or a business problem. I try to calm them down. After evaluation, if a psychic reading is necessary, and if I feel that my client is fit to hear all, then an appointment is granted. If not, I say that it is not the right time to have a psychic session. Can spiritual healing help depression? I am not able to confirm this, because this healing should be a long-term goal. How can I achieve this within one session? 

Secondly, this query should come from the person. If a person wants to have spiritual healing, yes it might be possible in the long term with therapies, doctors, and science. Spiritual healing can be an additional help. This is what I think about psychic help in depression. I do not have any evidence that psychics can cure depression; our sessions and alternative methods might reduce anxiety with psychics though. How psychic reading benefits you is that you get clarity and answers, as a result, you feel more secure than before, and the anxiety level drops.

What to do to reduce anxiety during a psychic reading? 

Maybe one reading can’t help you to get rid of anxiety. There is something else though. By lowering your anxiety before and during the reading, you can have a very helpful session. Here I explain how to get the best psychic reading:

  • Sleep well the night before the psychic reading
  • Do not choose a very busy day for this. For example, if you are in a hurry to pick your child from school after the session then choose another day or time for your session. 
  • If this is an online reading like I offer, please select a quiet room with less traffic in the house. What I mean is, for example, a puppy is jumping on my client, barking all the time. My customer tries to soothe the puppy and listen to the reading at the same time. This unfortunately does not work as the psychic medium needs your full attention. You can play with the puppy later. 

Another example for you… Let’s say, your online psychic session is about to start in five minutes. You have secret questions about your boyfriend/girlfriend, and he/she is about to come home. Would you really be yourself, and calm in this session? You need your space and time. To achieve this peace, some clients who live with their family park their car somewhere safe and sit in their car when they have a live video reading with me.

  • Write down your questions beforehand on a piece of paper and keep them in front of you. Thanks to this list, you won’t stress about forgetting any of your important questions.
  • Before the reading, don’t jump to conclusions. For instance, underestimating your own abilities, or catastrophising things although there is no such outcome is not productive. In the limited time, the psychic medium is trying to give you news. If you are already panicked, noticing the bad but dismissing the good, the reading time would be used to calm you down mainly – which is not the purpose. 

With anxiety we all need help; living a clean life with good people in it is the key. I wish you the best day and hope to connect with you soon. If you have any questions you can always drop me a private message on Instagram which is Coffee Cup Readings or find me on Whatsapp. My number is 0406 985 290.

Psychic Deniz