Special Events Reading

As a Sydney-based professional psychic medium specialising in ancient Turkish coffee cup readings, I attend various events throughout the year where you’ll find me reading coffee to guests. My authentic readings at your psychic medium party can offer insight and guidance on a range of life issues.

Few requirements:

I can be booked to attend your corporate events, psychic parties Sydney, charity events, private functions such as birthdays, hen parties, fairs and psychic festivals provided that a designated quiet area or room will be allocated to my readings.

As long as my clients are sober and appreciate the service they are getting that is fine!

Here is one perfect example… Sometimes I attend weddings as the Coffee Cup Reader for the guests if the event is well-organised and up to certain standards. Dear Shannon & Nikki invited me to their happy day and here is their video. There is even a glimpse of me:-) Taking their permission I share it here below:

To make a further enquiry please text me on 0406 985 290 or email me.

Visit my photo gallery to see me in action at various events, and find me on Facebook.

Here are some other events:

Hi Deniz, hope you are well. I know this may seem like a rather random message, but you did a photo reading for me a few mths ago. You told me that you had a yucky feeling about my work, and that they will betray me. It’s July now and I must say that you were absolutely spot on about that prediction! They made me redundant for a rather unfair reason and I just want to thank you for giving me a heads up. As you predicted they also wanted me sign a document afterwards. I’m now in the process of packing my life up and moving back to Australia to pursue a new lifestyle that will treat me fairly. Thank you again, take care and stay safe.

You were super super accurate and it was very helpful to have that reading at that time of my life. I thought that maybe it could be a good idea to have another one to see the new changes of my life. I would be happy to hear your thoughts about the frequency of a coffee reading. Thank you so much.

I did not think a virtual reading would be as effective as it would a real life reading, but your messages were so precise and moved me to tears. I told my dad what you had said about my grandmother’s soul, and my dad, who is a very spiritual man, said he has been waiting for me all week to inform him my grandmother appears in my dream with a message. You did not know that and that message had come from you, instead of a dream!