Face Photo Reading

Through psychic photo reading, I read faces to tell you what these people go through and what they think of you and what the future holds in them. Face photos might belong to your lover or a family member or a boss. Also, I read face photos of lost ones to connect and convey messages.

Using your smart phone you can mms the photos to 0406 985 290. This express face reading lasts 15 minutes and costs $71. Please text me to book in first.

Alternatively you can also email the pictures to [email protected]

If you need more information please take a look at my full range of clairvoyant reading services.


Hi Deniz, hope you are well. I know this may seem like a rather random message, but you did a photo reading for me a few mths ago. You told me that you had a yucky feeling about my work, and that they will betray me. It’s July now and I must say that you were absolutely spot on about that prediction! They made me redundant for a rather unfair reason and I just want to thank you for giving me a heads up. As you predicted they also wanted me sign a document afterwards. I’m now in the process of packing my life up and moving back to Australia to pursue a new lifestyle that will treat me fairly. Thank you again, take care and stay safe.

You were super super accurate and it was very helpful to have that reading at that time of my life. I thought that maybe it could be a good idea to have another one to see the new changes of my life. I would be happy to hear your thoughts about the frequency of a coffee reading. Thank you so much.

I did not think a virtual reading would be as effective as it would a real life reading, but your messages were so precise and moved me to tears. I told my dad what you had said about my grandmother’s soul, and my dad, who is a very spiritual man, said he has been waiting for me all week to inform him my grandmother appears in my dream with a message. You did not know that and that message had come from you, instead of a dream!