Nuances Of Coffee Cup Readings From One Country To Another

06 Jan 2016


You may think that a coffee cup reading is basic. Someone looks in the coffee ground sediment at the bottom of the cup and tells you what they see. It’s not that easy. You will quickly learn that there are nuances about the coffee cup reading that happens from one country to another.

The readings occur in many countries, particularly in Turkey, Romania, and Middle Eastern countries.

In the Turkish tradition, the coffee reader will interpret the cup in horizontal halves. The bottom half is viewed as the past while the top half is seen as the future. In some Middle Eastern countries, the right represents positive events while the left represents negative.

In Romania, the mug is to be swirled around until the sediment is able to cover most of the inside surface of the coffee mug. However, in some Middle Eastern countries, it is not to be swirled around. Instead, the cup is turned towards the person who is seeking the answers. There are other countries or even regions that require the saucer to be placed over the mug and then shaken, or even turned three times.

There is also the part of the coffee cup reading that involves the person seeking answers (known as the querent) to open their heart. Some readers will ask the person to do this before even drinking the coffee. Others will ask their right thumb to be placed in the bottom of the mug as a way of smearing the sediment and putting their personal thoughts and emotions into the mug to make for a more customized reading.

In Turkey, it also involves looking for various signs and symbols. The Turkish also believe that a person should never try to interpret their own cup. It is also believed that the telling should always start from the cup’s handle and this will vary based upon whether a person is right handed or left handed.

In Romania, a person is asked to be a part of the coffee making process, which includes spooning the froth from the top onto the coffee cup. The coffee grounds should also be drained so that it is not too wet, and this process alone can take up to few minutes.

There are a lot of nuances that you can encounter when getting a coffee cup reading in one country versus another. When you want to have a psychic reading, Deniz is available to provide you with a coffee cup reading that can prove to be very enlightening.

It can be fascinating to see how the different countries read a coffee cup. It can always mean different things and it can also change based upon the country you are in.

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