Motivate Yourself to Change

29 Nov 2016

psychic-deniz-tattoo-1I used to be against tattoo or any symbol on the body but I have a better view now. About a month ago I got my arm permanently inked. My middle name is Suleyman or Solomon, a name a share with my grandfather and also the King Solomon whose gift was to talk to animals. Another connection was the Suleymaniye Mosque of Istanbul, a magnificent yet humble architecture and design of its own. One day looking at the dome decorations I saw the patterns of my future tattoo. Why not? We all change, so are our take on life.

In order to change though first we need something to inspire us, but what? How to motivate yourself? First, you can try by thinking about what you want to do. If you want to work, then so be it. If you want to study, then it is your choice. No matter what the choice you take about what you want, it has to be a good thing based on your values.

The second step you can do after you have made the choice about what you want to do is to measure how hard it is for you to perform the tasks that will come in the path you have chosen. It is true that when there is a will there will be a way. However, there is also a limit to everything, including your capabilities. So, if you think that the tasks on your path will be very hard for you to overcome, then it will be okay for you to give up the path or switch side.

The third step you can do about how to motivate yourself is to think about for whom you do and step in the path you have chosen. In this case, the most common choice is for the ones who love the most, such as your parents, your siblings, your lover or yourself.

The fourth or the last step on how to motivate yourself is to think about why you do this. In answering the “why” question I bet you will find your true self and your true motivation.


Psychic Deniz