Methods for Dealing with Stress

03 Sep 2015

There are many instances throughout our daily walk of life when we will encounter stress.  Stress can come from the workplace.  An example of this would be a deadline for a project to be completed.  The well-being of our family members can be a source of stress as well.  What if your children become sick of some illness that requires constant care and supervision?  Suppose your grandmother falls ill and the family cannot afford to pay for her hospital care. Maintaining a source of income and caring for those that you love can be a very real source of stress.  But how can you deal with the stress of daily life?  I will now discuss tried and true methods for dealing with stress.

dealing with stress

In my field as a psychic medium, I use the Turkish coffee as a tool for finding information about my clients.  Once the client drinks most of their coffee, the cup is covered with the saucer that held it and the remaining coffee is then swirled three times.  It is at this point that it is allowed to sit and settle.  I bring this up because sitting and settling is a great way for an individual to alleviate stress much in the same way it allows me to give a client a coffee reading.  Many cultures refer to this as meditation.  This isn’t something that requires a large amount of time.  In fact, it can take no more than 5 minutes.  A place in your residence where you will not be disturbed for this short amount of time is required.  A bathroom will work wonders.  The idea here is to make yourself as comfortable as possible.  Close your eyes and visualize the following.  You are carrying a large trash bag, and a dumpster is within sight.  This large bag is full of the things that are keeping you from finding solutions for the culprits that cause stress in your life.  Visualize yourself tossing this bag into that dumpster.  As the coffee must settle in order for me to give a proper reading, you must settle your mind before you can have proper insight into yourself.

Exercising as little as three times a week and for no more than 10 minutes at a time is also a great way of dealing with stress.  In this modern world, we spend a fair amount of our time driving to and from locations.  At times, we do this when are destinations are no more than a mile or even less from us.  I want you to think back to the last time you went for a drive. Did you see individuals walking on the side of the road?  Think back to times you have seen a person or persons riding a bike along the side of the road.  At the time, you may not have given it much thought, but walking and cycling are perfect forms of exercise that can help you deal with stress.  Exercising gives a person a better admiration for themselves and provides them with better health, which are two things that stress can rob a person.

There is never a reason to feel as if you have no tools available to help you deal with stress.  You are in control of any stressful situation.  And there are solutions to help you manage it as well as find solutions.

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