Meanings Of Some Common Coffee Ground Shapes

28 Dec 2015


The meaning of common coffee ground shapes is impacted by the method used to display the grounds. Most practitioners prefer using Turkish coffee because the methods of divination have been practiced in Turkey for the longest time. Turkish coffees produce more sediment and are therefore a better prognosticative tool that provides more information.

You need a skilled and practiced reader to interpret the message that the grounds have for you. The top of the cup contains messages concerning your future and the bottom of the cup reveals the past. The left of the cup can mean no to a direct question or indicate a negative outcome. The right side of the cup means yes to a question or indicates a positive outcome.

Some of the more common coffee ground shapes include the following with one interpretation. The entire interpretation depends on reading all that the grounds and cup have to offer.

Any wild animal shape is an indication of ambition. The key to the shape is a wild animal and not a farm animal, a pet, or a domestic animal. Spiders indicate the receipt of unexpected money or income. Owls are a harbinger of scandal. An eagle means that great improvements are in store for you. A dolphin means good news is on your way. A bird means news is coming to you. A bear can mean you are about to take a journey or face a difficult trial.

Domestic animals also have special meanings. A dog means that you can rely on friends to help you in a difficulty. A cat means a quarrel is brewing that will be short lived. Your noble nature or the noble nature of another person that enters your life is inferred by a horse.

Common household objects have a great significance and definite meaning in coffee grounds. A chair means that you will entertain an unexpected guest. A candle indicates that you will receive help in an enterprise from a friend or relative. A chain can be an indication of an impending marriage or the formation of a mutually beneficial business partnership. An earring implies that great care must be used in finding an explanation to your inquiry. Keys mean you may have to move. A knife is an indication of danger.

Common plants take on special meanings in coffee grounds. Beans indicate you will have difficulties in finance. Clover implies affection either coming your way or being given to another. Love is indicated by the shape of a daisy. Any type of fruit indicates that your endeavors will be prosperous. A pear has the special benefit of a secure financial future. Trees mean that changes for the better are coming your way.

These are just a few of the multitude of meanings and insights that coffee ground shapes can give to you provided the shape is interpreted by a skilled and dedicated practitioner of the art of coffee ground reading.

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