Living In This Moment Rather Than Worrying About The Future All The Time

05 Oct 2015


As humans, we often struggle to truly enjoy the moment we are living in and our minds tend to drift toward the future on a frequent basis. This is a personal choice that we make and we often make it without even knowing it. While people will ask me questions like “Psychic Deniz, what does my future hold?” and “Will my dreams ever come true?”, the key to answering these questions is to merely live in the moment.

Even the best plans, those that are well thought out and consider all of the possibilities are not infallible. Changes happen and they happen fast. As such, it makes little to no sense to worry about a future that you cannot possibly predict. Not only is it impossible to tell your own future, but repeatedly attempting to do only serves to diminish your enjoyment of the present.

Each day presents its own challenges and opportunities to become an even better version of yourself. Spending precious minutes, hours, days and weeks worrying about the future may seem like an intelligent choice. However, all you are doing is costing yourself chances to improve as a person while you wait for the future to arrive.

The future is going to happen, regardless of how well you plan for it. The best thing you can do is maximize your present and work on bettering yourself. That way, when the future finally does come to fruition, you are ready for any problems and issues that the universe should decide to throw your way (and trust me, it will).

So get the most enjoyment possible out of each and every moment you live in. There are few things worse than looking back on the past and realizing that you did not soak up all the wisdom and joy that was available to you. Worrying about the future does very little to prepare you for what’s ahead, but it can definitely keep you from enjoying what is taking place right now.

So live in the moment and enjoy life for what it is right now, as opposed to obsessively worrying about the future. Now make the right choices when the chance is there and seize the moment you are in leaving the future where it belongs!

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