Intricacies of the Coffee Cup Reading

05 Aug 2020

Intricacies of the Coffee Cup Reading:

Coffee shapes have many meanings and my job is to make sense of them.

Coffee residue can be read as a whole picture first, to get an overall gist out of it. This preliminary reading would tell us if the wishes of the coffee drinker are coming true or not. Then individuals symbols can be read to unveil the secondary details. Some symbols like a heart or a horse are the most visible ones to any untrained eyes, however some are hidden.

In the third level of the reading, scrying method is used where i need to gaze at a particular dark coffee pattern to see more latent details about your life. Some symbols are created by your intentions or fears when sipping your coffee, therefore i always ask the client to stay positive while preparing the coffee.

Like most of our alphabets, there are main characters and then combinations of them in the coffee residue. Trees, the sun, the moon, stars, rivers, ocean, iconic landmarks of different destinations, roads, letters, full names, numbers, body shapes, eyes can be traced by looking at the coffee shapes left in your cup.

Looking at the location of particular shapes in your cup, it is possible to give an estimate time about when these developments should be expected. Like a detective work, any coffee remnant is used to make a decision. I see all within the cup, look for any shapes on the rims, any dark stains on the saucer, so all material is used to decide what will happen to you.

Psychic Deniz