Turkish Coffee Reading Sydney

In Person Reading

Thank you for your interest in my Turkish coffee reading services.

I am a professional psychic medium based in Sydney and also in Europe specialising in ancient Turkish coffee reading (tasseography). My authentic one-to-one readings can provide you with insight and guidance on a range of life issues.

It is AUD $138 per person and it includes 30 minutes of coffee cup psychic medium reading. If you wish to have a longer session you can have a 45 minutes reading for AUD $187. The time starts when you finish drinking your coffee. First, I do your general reading without asking any questions to you and talk about your current life issues and your future ways.

I concentrate on you, your spiritual well-being, your relationships with others, your lost ones, love life, career, family, and your past lives – if any. My primary focus is your future, and the best decisions you can make in it! I sometimes bring up issues from your past in case I feel they still have an impact on you. I talk of your today as your starting point.

As much as I can, I provide specific details such as physical descriptions, locations, initials, sometimes name of a person or a place. I put things in a chronological order including a time frame for my client.

I do not need to know anything about you beforehand! It is my job to find out what is going on in your life. Following the first part, in the second half of your reading you can ask all your questions which I will answer to my best ability. You can also show photos of relevant people in your life – either hard copies or soft copies or pictures on your mobile phone- as I do face reading as part of your session to give more insight what is going on in their life. (I can tell you what they are going through and what they think of you).

To see what to expect please read the Terms & Conditions page first.

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Alternatively, to make an enquiry or an appointment please send a text message to my number 0406 985 290 or email me

Not based in Sydney? I can also offer distance coffee readings. Take a look at my full range of clairvoyant reading services

Personal Turkish coffee reading services in Sydney by gifted psychic Deniz.