How You Can Trust an Online Psychic

19 Nov 2021

The answer is simple. Exactly how you can trust a psychic in person. My clients, at least some of them met me in the past face to face which made it easier for them to book an online session next time. The reason that I am not doing in-person sessions anymore lies in my focus. I used to clean my home, boil coffee, wait for the client to come, help them to find a carpark around, etc. These days I am totally focusing on the psychic readings, and I absolutely love this simplicity. Life should be simple. 

I respect the fact that trust in an online psychics takes time, particularly if you have not met her/ him beforehand. Like any shopping these days, I would encourage you to check the google reviews and other testimonials from independent open sources before making up your mind. Are online psychics real? Yes. Reliable psychics are everywhere, it is not salient which method they use, how they help you is the main thing. Reliable mediums and reliable psychics build their reputation over time. It is a long road to success and spirituality. 

Personally, I prefer conducting live readings over video because then we can see each other which is nice. Once I begin the reading, the first five to six minutes are like a warm-up. My customer can cancel the reading after five minutes if she or he can’t connect with what I am saying. Then every minute the reading goes deeper, covering face photos, energies of other people. Minute by minute more details emerge. Some knowledge arrives from the client’s coffee cup; some information is deducted from my coffee which I drank, and some from my intuition. I resemble the reading to a Q&A panel on TV. It is like you have three psychics (two coffee cups and one reader) in front of you. These coffee cups are like people, with residue they give you important insights.

How Does Online Psychic Reading Work?

In the usual way, you sit in front of your psychic medium. Sometimes she holds your palm, at times there is no physical touch. In any way, there is a proximity. You might feel good in her / his presence. How does the online psychic reading work then?

  • In-person or over live-video you share energy. The psychic builds the connection with you through energy like a telepathic connection. This means you do not have to be close to the psychic physically.  I have tried this many times: Many of my clients are overseas, from where I am I have no way of knowing her life. Yet I feel how she feels, I know what is going on. This is something the bare eye can’t see, yet it exists. 
  • I realised that people use their time wisely during online sessions. During live video sessions, people ask questions like they would in in-person sessions. But they ask more online. For example, in my presence, if I get five questions from a client, during an online session she moves on quicker to new topics to get the most out of the session. 

I think people are affected by the psychic reading room, they get carried away when they arrive, they forget their focus and why they come to me in the first place. My crystals, cacti, choice of furniture probably overwhelm them as a museum would. However, in online meetings, I get precise questions, one after another which I like. I know they take my coffee cup psychic reading sessions seriously. If you also wish to make a booking with me, you know what to do.

Psychic Deniz