How You Can Transform Your Life With Coffee Cup Reading

29 Jun 2021

As your psychic medium, I give you options of future life, some already foreseen by you, some might come as a surprise. Some benefits of Coffee Cup Reading include details about situations and people you are dealing with. Characteristics, inner desires, and thoughts, the timing of future events can be among your psychic questions about life. As you and I go to the deeper levels of your consciousness, together we build dots between past and present. Then we move on to other people, and how these individuals might perceive your actions. What to expect from a psychic reading changes from one customer to another, yet still there are some general patterns:

What to ask a psychic about life

  • Which clear directions to take,
  • How to connect with the spiritual selves,
  • Some need a good listener who empathises with them,
  • Some ask my approval before big decisions,
  • Some are curious, enquire about their life in general,
  • Mothers ask about children, grandchildren,
  • Investors about their money,
  • Singles about the prospect of a relationship,
  • Career people ask how psychic reading can help in career growth
  • Some ask about their pet,
  • What is after death?

In my experience, people ask questions either for the things they do not have or how to keep it longer. Any questions about anything about this life and beyond is fair game in my sessions.

How do I protect myself?

I try to help everybody as much as our time and energy permits. Over the years I came to the conclusion that I can’t help two types of people. The ever-negative ones. These people are looking for somebody to blame. Even when years of psychological therapy can’t help some cases, yet these people would expect you to solve all problems within 45 minutes. And the second type is who launches a spiritual attack, unknowingly in most cases. When this happens, I become numb, my speech slows down. Not a pleasant experience, especially if this is an in-person session. Therefore, as a psychic medium, we need to look after ourselves energetically.

We are all face readers!

Let’s talk a little bit about face photo readings as people are curious about how I do this. Besides my regular clientele, many come through social media too. I ask every client how they found me. Some say “Oh. I looked at your face, felt a connection.” You see, we all do face readings every day without paying much attention to it! My clients choose me by looking at my face, eyes and build a rapport there.

Choosing a photo reading psychic is important as you share your utmost secrets with him/her. Perhaps you are going to ask about your lover, or a family member, or a lost one. Do they love you, what would they like you to do, are their intentions honourable, can we trust them, and so forth. All secrets or on the table or ready to come out during face readings. Your psychic might know more about you than your family and friends, and this is a good thing because your psychic medium can be more impartial in his/her advice than your loved ones.

You need to trust your intuition when finding a psychic for you, and when finding the right questions to raise. This is time to open the heart and ask away. The answers you might hear surprise you.

If this excites you, please book an appointment today.

Psychic Deniz