How To Stay Happy In Challenging Work Places

12 Oct 2015

If there’s anything that many of us are familiar with, it’s that feeling of longing a person has when they realize that they are not fully happy or fulfilled at their place of work. So how does one stay happy when they are at a challenging workplace? Read on to learn more.

 Leave Personal Problems At Home

We’ve all had that one co-worker who just couldn’t keep themselves from talking about outside gossip, or their cheating spouse, or their family problems. While we all need someone to vent to every once in a while, it is best to find that person outside of the workplace. Leave personal problems at home and use your work hours wisely.

 Make Your Place Of Work More Like Home

No, you can’t bring your favorite set of pajamas or your trusty alarm clock. But bear in mind that you will be spending more time at work than you will at home or in your bed. Spruce up your work area and make it feel more like a sanctuary. This gives you a safe place to hideaway from work related stress factors.

 Find A Group Of Like-Minded Individuals

Allowing too much of your social life to bleed over into your work can be problematic. When your workplace becomes challenging, it is best to find a group of colleagues who are in your same age group, share your interests and can serve as a sounding board to voice your thoughts and feelings.

Carve Out Time To Move Around

A lot of modern workplaces lend themselves to a sedentary lifestyle, which is why it is important to carve out periods of time each day when you are able to get up and move about. Instead of spending your lunch break hunkered over a desk, go out and take a walk. The vitamin D that the sun provides is great for your physical and mental health.

 Accept What You Cannot Change

Chances are high that you will not be able to change the things about your job that you do not like, especially the mentalities of your coworkers. The only thing that you have the ability to change about your challenging workplace is the manner in which you choose to react to it.

 Treat Yourself

This reward should involve something outside of your job. When your superiors do not recognize your hard work and your efforts, take to treat yourself to a nice dinner, a night on the town, a manicure, anything that makes you feel appreciated.

 Focus On The Future

Whether the workplace is challenging because you do not envision a future for yourself at the company or it is challenging because of more complex factors, focus on what the future holds and make a feasible plan for yourself. If you want out, think about ways to make this fantasy a reality. If you want more out of your job, take the time to thoughtfully consider your approach to obtaining it.

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