How to Prepare Yourself for First Psychic Reading

17 Apr 2021

How to prepare for a psychic reading is a common question among my potential clients, hence I wanted to share my answers here with you, so next time you can feel ready for good psychic reading. What to do before a psychic reading is to relax and clear your mind about your intentions why you want to have this reading in the first place.

What to do before a psychic reading?

  • Clear your mind. Write down your reasons you want to have this session.
  • Take notes of your possible questions beforehand.
  • Make some research online, check your psychic’s image, reading room, his or her reviews.
  • Do you feel ready, in case the psychic says something you don’t like?
  • Do you feel strong enough to make your own decision in the end?
  • Ask beforehand if you can record the session or not.

Don’t stress, there is no such thing as the best questions to ask during a psychic reading. Your question might sound smart, or very silly to you, still, you need to open your heart and ask away. You can ask deep questions to a psychic in relation to self-actualisation, spirituality, existential themes. She/he is not there to judge, quite the opposite to support you in the reading.

Mutual respect and empathy

Let me give you an example. In my coffee cup psychic medium readings, my goal is not to dictate my ideas to you but to guide you among many choices in this life by providing clues. There are endless potentials in friendships, job offers, marriages, partners, investments, beliefs, and lifestyles. I am here to help you to actualise your best potential. How? By talking and listening… Understanding each other. Empathy is crucial for a successful psychic reading.

Mutual respect is another key aspect. We need to respect each other. For instance, going overtime is usually not a good thing for the psychic as the readers’ energy depletes eventually. Please keep in mind that psychics give their best possible service in their scheduled time frame.

Preparing for a psychic session might take some time. As a clairsentient and psychic medium utilising coffee, I need relevant material to work with. For a good psychic reading, I need coffee grounds, coffee shapes, face photos… The more material I have, the better reading you get. The more you are invested in the process, the more answers you will receive. It can be highly consuming to talk to somebody with no questions, no preparation, no appreciation.

Feeling nervous?

I hear you asking about feeling nervous. Before the first-ever psychic reading, it is very understandable to be nervous. In a 45 minute session, usually, it takes around 10 to 15 minutes to feel more comfortable in the presence of the reader. In my experience, some clients who use technology every day feel more at ease using online readings, as both the reader and the client sit in their own comfort zone. Either in-person or on live video reading, I find it assuring to look in the eyes of the person I am talking to. If you can be in the moment and connect with your psychic a whole new world opens for you. Please don’t stress, just be prepared before your appointment. I am sure you will learn new things about yourself and your loved ones.

Psychic Deniz