How to Get the Most Out of a Reading

02 Feb 2017

IMG_0213Who gets the most from a psychic reading? I would argue it is an optimist, someone who is relaxed, keeps hope and is prepared to get in and feel better.

My coffee cup and I are mere tools to guide you through the millions of available paths.  I can direct you, but it is your choice to take my advice.  I believe in my client’s intuition and insight. In most cases, I believe you already know the possible solutions to your problems, but hearing answers from someone else validates your inner feelings and gives you perspective.

Although my speciality is traditional coffee cup readings, I use many techniques to help my clients such as reading objects, eyes and hands or connecting with spirits. Being able to see the past clearly can be more useful than looking into the future because sometimes we need to look back at critical junctures and reflect. In all cases, I aim to give my clients specific information they can relate to. For example, if I am connecting with a relative in spirit, messages bypass my conscious mind and strange statements slip out of my mouth. It is most satisfactory when a client smiles and acknowledges, ‘Oh yeah, he would have said that!’ To get the most from a reading, look for specifics. Ask questions to get more detail if you are unclear about something. Be open to seeing your journey from an outsider’s viewpoint and tackle your future with optimism and hope. In the end,  regardless of what a psychic or anyone else says, your destiny in in your hands!

Reading Eyes & Hands: My specialty is to read eyes and the true meaning and thought in pupils, I call this process as ‘peeling the onion off layer by layer’. I read the photo of hands to understand the personality and behavioural patterns.

Reading Objects: As a clairsentient I might be able to guide about a person’s fate, whereabouts, current or past feelings. This item might be any personal object such as a t-shirt or a ring, even a piece of hair. If there is nothing else and old or new photograph can be a good start point.

Spirits of Relatives: Some of the people I do read are spirits, loved ones who already crossed. This stage of the mediumship activates my channelling while giving client the most important messages.

Details of Physical Body: Describing the persons’ outlook is crucial so you can relate to whom I am talking about.

Strange Words – Sentences: Like names, syllables in any language, or a complete sentence from a spiritual domain are very useful. Location names are a good example.

Shapes or Numbers,:
Anything in the form of a shape or a number, they all have a meaning.

Hectic is the right word to describe the last twelve months! Thanks to your continuing trust, I have been awarded the Psychic People’s Choice Award with votes coming from places I have never been – except via Skype or phone sessions-  making 2016 an incredibly valuable experience for me and my cat assistant Shelby. Thank you!

16406809_1350662704992888_8571154752537690745_n*The original version of this article has been published in the 2017 International Psychics Directory.




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