good relationship partner

How to Be a Good Relationship Partner

19 Feb 2016

Believe it or not, being a good partner in any social relationship follows the same recipe. Of course, details are the ones that set one relationship apart from another, but there are a few primary values that must be respected if you want to be a trustworthy and appreciated partner in a relationship. So whether it is a love relationship, business relationship, or a friendship one, they all value the same qualities. The most important of them all is communication. You can’t have any relationship without proper communication. The rest are respect, diplomacy and understanding. The small details foreseen the existence of romantic feelings, business interests or an excellent collaboration, which will make the difference between the types of relationships a person can have.

good relationship partner

So, as you may have noticed, communication is key in any relationship you are involved in. It is true that in the case of a romantic relationship, feelings, emotions and love come forward and exceed in importance communication. Well, it is a wrongful approach, because if the partners involved in such a relationship won’t notice that they need to communicate, and in a good manner also, their connection will not last too long. Do you know why couples end up in therapy? Because they have communication issues. This is what does all the wrong in a relationship, and that is the fact that one fails to communicate, whether the news is good or bad. It is futile to say that communication is the core of a business relationship, and any other social relationship. Humans are creatures that were designed to communicate, and we developed this skill rather well. Still, there are courses that can teach your how to do this better, and improve your business relationships and collaboration with your partners.

We also talked about the importance of diplomacy, respect and understanding. They all play a part in maintaining a relationship healthy. With the help of diplomacy, you will find a way to discuss with your partner even the most delicate or bothering aspects, without hurting or offending him or her. If you don’t have this skill, it would be wise to start working on it, because it is also needed in any relationship. Respect will help you acknowledge the qualities and opinions of your partner, even if they will not always match yours. Still, you will have to respect yourself first, if you want to be respected by others. And do make the difference between respecting someone and being their servant, just because you think it is rude to say “no”. Understanding may come hand in hand with listening to your partner because otherwise it would be very hard to know what they are trying to communicate. You see, words are not the only way of communication between two people, body languages, gestures, states, they all can say a bit of what the other is trying to transmit. Paying attention to what your partner is saying, as well as his behavior and mood, will help you understand better what he or she is trying to transmit.

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