be a good friend

How to be a Good Friend

11 Mar 2016

Having a friend may be the best thing one can have, besides family. A real friend will always accept you for who you are, regardless if you are successful or not, will offer support and a shoulder to cry on, when you need one, and will be happy for your every achievement. But how can you be a good friend? Well, also respecting the previously mentioned aspects and a bit more. To be a good friend, you should try to befriend persons that have a similar vision of life, the same passions and approximately the same way of thinking. You should resonate on the same wavelength if you want your friendship to last in time. Otherwise, no matter how hard you try, you will never be a good friend because spending time with a person that doesn’t share your thoughts and opinions will not be pleasant.

be a good friend

It is important to know that a good friend will always be there when someone close to you needs help. Having a trustworthy friend can be a great thing, especially when you need help or just some encouragement words. You know that you can call that person regardless of the time, at day or night, because you know he or she will do everything in their power to come to your aid. So have this in mind if you want to be a good friend. Friendship is about giving and sharing, not only receiving, so make sure to return these services when your dear friend requires them. After all, this is what friends are for, and if you want to be a reliable and appreciated friend, you should keep them in mind.

Of course, be careful not to be used, as some persons will try to take advantage of you, relying on your kindness and desire to be a good friend. Such persons cannot be called a real friend, and as soon as you feel used, not receiving the same attention in return when you ask for it, you should set some space and limits between you and these persons. Unfortunately, real friends are rather scarce these days, so choose your friends well, and be a good friend only to those who proven worthy of your attention and effort. These are the persons that will offer unlimited support, even in the moments in which others consider you crazy. So you see, being a great friend means respecting the person near you, being there for him or her in moments of hardship and happiness as well, offering a helping hand and just being present in any moment of your friend’s life.

When the friendship between you and someone is real, none of these previously mentioned aspects will not seem hard or a burden. All of them will come natural, out of the desire to help a person you know it deserves only the best because that person will never hesitate to do the same for you. Real friendships will last in time and space, no matter how many years pass and how far away life sets you and your friend apart. A good friend will never forget, regardless what life brings to any of you.

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