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How To Avoid Negative People / Situations

16 Sep 2015


Negative people and situations are an unfortunate byproduct of life on the planet Earth. No matter how hard we try, negative people and situations seem to find us. However, this does not have to become your reality. It is easier to avoid negative people and situations than you may have been led to believe.

This is the part where someone will mention the fact that you cannot avoid negative people who you work with or family members that you remain close to. There are some people who simply cannot be avoided, from a physical standpoint.

But there are ways to avoid their negativity and keep yourself in a positive mental space. There is no good that can come from complaining about the negativity behind closed doors. You must address their negativity in a direct fashion. Don’t use judgmental language or speak in harsh tones.

Instead, outline your concerns about their behavior and speak to them in a manner that demonstrates you care for their well-being. In many instances, the person may not even be aware of how they come across to the outside world. The person may be suffering from a mental illness or a severe personal issue. You taking a moment to speak to them honestly and openly can make a huge difference.

There are also people who you may not be able to avoid, but that you only see every once in a while. In this case, you can maintain a friendly distance from them, without being forced into any sort of negative situations. In these cases, it is best to keep conversations light and avoid divulging any more information than is truly necessary.

It can be tough to identify the source of negativity, but if you are struggling to do so, bear one important factor in mind: if the person or the situation does not make you feel good and depletes all of the positive energy you have built up, they must be avoided as much as possible.

Make friends with those who are positive and enthusiastic and remember that positive attitudes are just as contagious as negative ones. It is also crucial for people to alter their own thought patterns, so that they can avoid drawing negative thoughts into their sphere of influence. Keep fear out of your thought process, as well, since fear is often at the nucleus of most negative thoughts and situations.

While most know how to identify negative people and situations, there are many who are unclear on how to avoid them. Even when life places you in the midst of those with negative attitudes, remain focused on your own positive vibes and leave the people who live to wallow in negativity to their own devices.

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