How To Attract Good Energy and Block Negative Energy

21 Aug 2021

There are many ways to protect yourself, and your loved ones from negative energies. The first-ever rule is you are in the power of your life, nobody else is! You are strong. Psychic energy healing requires self-belief and determination. Take this as homework if you like. Whichever religion or belief system you come from you need to believe that you can conquer fear. More than the ritual itself, self-belief is necessary to tap into.

I am of Turkish origin. People from the Balkans, or the Middle East are emotional people who put more faith in their fate. Everything is predestined, and impossible to stop arguing. I do not agree with this vision. Whether it is an evil eye, a jealousy jinx, or something more sinister in nature, you can block negative energy from others.

Your psychic brings positive energy, and he tells you who, when, and why others sent you negative vibes. Once you have this information, you can use psychic benefits and distance yourself from these people. If these people are away, or deceased then you can get help to cleanse your home from these people’s gifts, belongings, photos, etc.

How to Turn Negative Energy into Positive Energy

  • Do not fear, mentally you need to be on top of your game.
  • Talk to your trusted people, do not feel lonely, open your heart.  
  • In case of curses, do not pay money to anybody claiming they can stop it for you.
  • Distance yourself from negative thoughts, once you catch yourself thinking about these fearful things, immediately do things you truly enjoy.
  • Imagine your problem, give a shape, a smell, a funny name to this negative energy, make this shape shrink smaller and smaller like it is getting insignificant. Repeat this exercise.
  • Resist negative developments by being kinder and nicer to others.
  • Smile more. Find silly reasons to smile.
  • Look after your physical body with a good diet and sleep. Negative energy attacks are like an infection, you need to beat it.
  • Psychic energy healing takes time and there may be relapses. Be kind to yourself.
  • Negative thoughts rush to the mind in the dark. Go to bed early, and rise early. Sunshine has good psychic benefits.

Protection Begins in The Mind

Imagine that you create an invisible circle around you so that nobody can harm you. Like a bubble. This cozy, positive energy bubble can be, lets’ say, 2 metres by 2 metres and you are safe in it. You can walk in it, do your daily chores, but you are safe.

You can build this energetic protection circle all the time by focusing on your energy. The psychic benefits of this circle are the sense of security and self-love.

Psychic healing needs perseverance, and good faith. Whatever you watch on TV, whomever you talk as a friend, whichever thoughts you entertain in your mind change your world in terms of attracting the right vibes. We can all be subject to negative energy attacks; the cardinal rule is that only you can cure this. You have got the power waiting for you to ignite inside you as good thoughts, practices. Even if you feel depressed, and unmotivated you need to keep trying till you reach the sunlight.

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