How Fortune Telling with Turkish Coffee Works

07 Jul 2021

Fortune telling with Turkish coffee is not any different to other methods like cards. I have been doing this for many years as it is part of my culture, and it is a fun process.

You drink your coffee in a cup, or mug. Yet you need to have some coffee residue left in it, not too watery. Once finished with drinking, cover the cup with the upside-down saucer. If you have no saucer at home, any plate would do the job. During this time don’t worry too much about the technicalities and focus on the mind, be open to the experience!


How does turkish coffee works is, once the cup & saucer cools down, I read all the coffee patterns on the white china. Turkish coffee symbol meanings extend to one’s love, family, career, spiritual aspects of life. Usually the most burning issues appear first in the cup reading. Once we find solutions or at least bring clarity together as a reader and querent, we move to other areas which might need improving. Although a personal experience, coffee sessions often bring family members and their concerns too. As I work as a medium most often ancestors, or other spirits whisper their messages. The way spirits talk is often they give a clue, but something only my client would know, and this would not make sense to me. At those moments I feel rather like a microphone. It is nice to give a platform to our ancestral energies, they can be quite helpful, I noticed. 

 Many ask about how to read turkish coffee grounds:

  • At first glimpse you get a general feeling about this person’s life.
  • Then you focus on small shape groups to see the meaning of them.
  • Choosing a start point, you create past, present, future folders in your mind, then begin interpreting the shapes in this order.
  • You look for individual shapes, and how they are aligned with other coffee symbols around. Some letters, numbers, figures…
  • After a certain amount of time into the psychic reading, the querent asks questions. You look once more, closer for the area you pick in the cup for answers. You see all the details like a handwritten letter close-up. 
  • At times you just scry and see. A coffee cup can be used to gazed at to concentrate to get visions.


Let’s sidetrack a tiny bit, and talk about other surprising Turkish Coffee benefits. You know, that thick residue left in the bottom of your cup, don’t throw it! It makes such a good exfoliant for the face as it is pulverised and has a natural oil. When I wash my cup after my coffee, I scrub my hands and face with those leftover coffee grains. It smoothens the skin.

There you go, coffee is not good only for your life decisions, it also helps your beauty!

Would you like to book a Coffee Session? Or you can reach out to me to know more about Coffee Cup Reading.

Psychic Deniz