How Can Psychic Reading Can Help in Career Growth

04 Jun 2021

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, one of every five enquiries I was receiving was about how to progress at work, and to get some career development tips. People ask me because I am not part of their life, therefore I can provide my objective guidance. I do it not by ‘knowing’ but by seeing and feeling. This trend continues in times of adversity, so much so, these days every one of three curiosities is about job safety.

How to ask a psychic, questions about career though?

  • Some contact me when their company terminates the contract. They want to know when to get a new work, and whether it is going to be a good job or not.
  • Clients approach me when they feel stuck between career options. Lets’ say you have 3 potential jobs in the line, and you already secured interviews with two of them. The customer books a coffee session via Whatsapp video, or just a quick session via audio recordings with me. They drink the Turkish coffee, then send photos of the residue of their cup, so I can do the initial reading. Some are more prepared than others sending photos from offices, company logos, face photos of people they want to work with, and they raise their questions.
  • Many are content with their jobs, but not so much with their co-workers, hence they ask about their future relationship with them.
  • Job burnout… Statements and questions such as “I do not learn anything new. My job is too repetitive. Deniz, is there anything out there for me? Do I have a second chance in life?”

I look at the photos, connect with the spirits, and guide the client to my best ability. I always say “Listen to your intuition, your people, follow your passion, do not rely just on me, as you are going to make your own future, I can only help you.”

In fact, being proactive, and taking steps is crucial in pursuing a good career. Together with the client we cover “when”, “how” and “why” we should expect certain developments.

If the client has certain emotional baggage, we talk about it to move on. At times people fear that they are not good enough for a certain job, then again, I interject my comments and observation. Perhaps you do not feel good about yourself today, because of another issue, a deadlock in the past.

Having issues with your boss?

Do the following sentences sound familiar to you: “Oh my boss is so harsh on me. I do not feel appreciated at all. My colleague does not support me. I crumble under enormous pressure, when I come home, I don’t want to do anything.” When you think and feel like this, it is time to ask for help. We might think that this is only a work-related problem first, nevertheless there are many times our job problems affect other areas of our lives. Plus, your work issues might be just the tip of an iceberg, a bigger problem starting at home.

We are caught in many struggles and they are complex. At that moment I can help by spiritual guidance. I can listen to you, offer my objective perspective as a stranger.

Your future begins with small actions today. If you ruminate nothing will change, if you wish to change something for you then I am happy to assist.

Psychic Deniz