Coffee Cup Reading FAQ

My mission statement: I promise to deliver a service based on care, love and smile.

I have been offering authentic Turkish coffee cup readings for over 23 years now, providing insight and guidance to clients on a range of topics not limited to common areas like love, relationships, careers, health, out-of-body experiences or past lives. Find out more about coffee cup reading:

How do you conduct readings?
In an earnest manner. As a psychic medium using coffee cups, I say whatever I feel and see during the session. No sugar coating! This is my version of your future choices. When you arrive, I make Turkish coffee for you and I use its sediment down in the saucer to see the future events of your life. On top of that, I feel things, clues, events, milestones of your life by connecting and closing my eyes. This is like a dream of a Shaman!

How did you start coffee cup reading?
When I was about 8 years old I felt enlightened, this is hard to put in simple words, but I could feel what would happen to me or my family after 5 steps in life. Assuming everyone was the same, I used to get frustrated to witness my loved ones’ making mistakes after mistakes. Could not they see the way I perceive things? Perhaps not! I guess as a child I was highly intuitive and insightful. However coffee did not come into my life till I was a teen. Reading coffee grounds is hugely popular among friends and family in Turkey. I did my first coffee reading in 1990 for my best friend at high school. My intention was to give a very brief reading but it lasted half an hour and talked on various subjects mainly on her family issues which I was not aware of at the time. I did not know I could do this and this intense focusing gave me a headache afterwards. Listening to me her face became white and she was visibly in shock… Later on I read, learnt more and practiced for many years as a hobby and out of curiosity. After years I began my occupation of divining in a professional manner.

Coffee Cup ReadingFor distance readings (Skype / phone) how shall I prepare my coffee shapes?

Simply drink your coffee in a white china with no inside pattern or decoration. Shapes and patterns inside the coffee cup and on the saucer need to be visible for reading. After drinking most of the liquid in the coffee, cover the cup with the upside-down saucer. Put it down and allow a few minutes for the coffee to settle. Take two or three clear pictures from different angles of your cup and saucer with shapes and patterns. Using your smart phone MMS me  -or email- the pictures in jpg format with your questions if you have any.

What if I can’t find Turkish coffee?
If you can not find any Turkish (Arabic, Greek) style coffee where you live, no worries! It can be any sort of ground coffee such as espresso or cappuccino as long as it leaves sediment after drinking.

Shall I swirl my cup 3 times before turning it upside down on a saucer?
Well, different nationalities have different cultural beliefs but swirling or no-swirling does not have any impact on your reading. Do it however you feel it is “right for you”.

Where do you do your face to face coffee cup readings?
I do my in-person coffee cup readings in my office in Newtown, in the bohemian district of Sydney. Please contact me for details on 0406 985 290.

How can I make a booking?
You can make a booking here on my website If you can’t click on the blue link, then you can copy/paste this following link in a browser to access my appointment page:

Can’t you click on available days?
You can refresh the page and wait a little as the page should upload itself properly.

Can you click on green days now?

If not, then close this page and open a new one or even in a different browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer).

If it still does not agree with you and you fell flustered, text me on 0406 985 290 and I will help you:-)

IMG_5318 I only want a 30 minutes session but the system only allows me to select a 45 mins reading?
Please select 30 mins session from the drop-down menu and press the button of Show Available Times to refresh the page. This should re-arrange the sessions and the prices of 30 mins reading.


How can I pay you?
You can pay for all type of readings by PayPal or credit card. All appointments are pre-paid.

Why do I pay upfront?
To secure your spot. Otherwise some clients make a booking but they do not show up!

Oh I made a mistake, can I change my appointment day & time?
Please inform me one week or at least 3 days before your reading day by texting me or leaving a voicemail on 0406 985 290. Otherwise I can’t refund your money I you do not turn up.

Can I bring my kids, family members, friends to sit next to me?
Ideally not, as this is a private session for you only. However there are exceptions. Please text me and enquire about this when making your booking as everyone’s private situation and arrangements varies. So long as you do not expect me looking after your children I am fine!

How often shall I have a reading with you?
Certainly not every week or month! 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 4 years… Depending on the need, budget and rapport between us. Do not forget you are the customer, next time you can make a fresh search on Google and find another good psychic for yourself. If it is me again I would be honoured yet if you wish to choose someone else there are many other talented nice souls out there. As my client you have every right to test my psychic abilities and accuracy. You will see that my readings are quite comprehensive and detailed anyway, please take your time, see if the predictions are coming true or not and whenever you feel the right time has come then I am always here for you!

How accurate are your predictions?
Many of my first time clients become my regulars and recommend me to other people in time. I get flattering feedbacks from them, but it is up to you to decide how good or how accurate I am. You can read some of my coffee reading testimonials, or check out reviews of my services at True Local or on Google by simply searching for Psychic Deniz.

Did you ever get wrong?
First of all let me say this, I love what I am doing, I read & write a lot about every aspect of coffee cup readings from A to Z.  Yet to answer your question I say “Yes. Of course!”

Let me ask you the very same question: Did you made any mistake in your work life? Who can claim to be perfect in anything?

The great majority of my clients are very happy with the result they are getting but surely there will be dissatisfied clients no matter how hard you try to please some. In short I might fail in two ways:

1) Two key words are rapport and expectations: I do not tolerate rudeness, pushy or loud people. The nature of what I am doing requires silence and pushing me with the same question over and over or invading my personal space by bringing your face next to mine is not going to alter what I am going to say.

Expectations… The most frequently asked is ”When”. ‘When will I get a husband, when I will I get my money, when will I be successful’ and so on. In those occasions I say “Not only when but How’. We need to work and change habits to get to a certain point to achieve things and I can provide certain clues to take right steps, but we can’t expect everything to be handed to us on a plate. Please remember that the future is not set in stone! By working towards your goals, by keeping your spirits high, you have the power the grab the best or the average or the worst version of your future potential. My reading can give you the Shamanic visions, scenes, hints, clues, the best choices; however in the end it is up to you to reflect on those points or not.

2) Personal well-being: To give a reading my energy level should be at up and normal levels. To maintain this I eat and live healthy. Well, still I have my life too. I might be sick taken by flu or had an argument with my loved one etc. Normally if I am really sick, i cancel the appointment beforehand and reschedule the session.

Would you do your coffee cup readings for my guests at my function?
Yes I can, provided that your event will be professionally organised and the guests won’t be intoxicated! Every year I attend distinguished corporate events, business meetings, parties, fairs and festivals, and I can be booked for your private events. To make an enquiry please contact me.

What is the history of coffee?
Not in Turkey but coffee has its origins in Ethiopia and Yemen. The Arabs discovered coffee beans around 600 AD and managed to keep coffee as a secret for several hundred years. Turks were introduced to coffee in 1543 by the Ottoman Governor of Yemen as Yemen was an Ottoman Turkey territory. During the reign of Sultan Suleyman Istanbul’s first coffee house was opened in bustling Tahtakale district (from the book of Turkish Coffee by M. Sabri Koz and Kemalettin Kuzucu) and soon enough the numbers reached to up to two thousand only in the capital city. Eventually coffee made its way to Western Europe by Ottoman ambassadors.

Turks mastered in roasting, brewing, grinding, serving, in short preparing the coffee that is how this fine tasting commodity became Turkish in time. Marvelous ceramic coffee cups and silver holders with enamelled decorations, copper coffee pots or wooden coffee and sugar boxes were all part of a way of a more elegant life style. We love our coffee houses in Turkey and coffee is still regarded very high in local culinary and entertainment culture. Let me put in this way, once upon a time Turkish ladies could divorce their husbands if the husband could not provide her enough coffee at home!

What is the history of coffee cup reading?
Fortune telling with coffee followed tea leaf reading, Tasseography, which began many centuries ago in China. The ancient art of coffee cup reading has been practiced for thousands of years in the Middle East and is still hugely popular in Turkey. Wherever you go in Turkey, you will notice people having coffee with friends and reading cups for each other to give a hint about their future. It is a form of social ritual, but if you possess psychic powers, a coffee cup and its saucer can turn into a very useful instrument for the occupation of divining. Turkish coffee readings are still very much alive as part of the culture in Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, Lebanon, UAE, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Armenia and others. Through expats and diasporas, coffee cup reading is all over the world now!

You can book me for an authentic Turkish coffee cup reading face-to-face in my Sydney location, or via email, phone or Skype. Take a look at my full range of psychic reading services.

Authentic Turkish coffee cup readings by gifted Sydney based psychic Deniz.