reincarnation of life

Do You Believe in Reincarnation?

01 Mar 2016

The subject of reincarnation is an intricate one, representing a mere fairy tale for some while it is real belief for others. Still, it is said that each myth must have a seed of truth from which it all started. So what made mankind believe in such a thing. If the man fears of something, it may be God and death. Death represents such a gruesome aspect, mostly because no one came back from there to tell us all how it is. Thus, it may not necessarily be a fear of death, but more of the unknown. So having a concept describing that life is not over when you die, that you will come back in another form, can be rather comforting.

reincarnation of life

Reincarnation is a part of Hinduism and Buddhism, these religions believing in the passing of the soul from one body to another. Of course, there are modern religions as well, like Spiritism and Theosophy, which believe the same thing. Still, even if Buddhism talks about reincarnation, they do not speak of the presence of a soul, or spirit, but more of a consciousness, which passes from one life to another. If we are to take the scientific part of reincarnation, science does talk about the fact that in nature, energy is not lost, but reused. Thus, when someone or something dies, the energy of the body is taken, becoming a part of something else and other processes. Let’s take an animal that dies and decays on the forest floor. Slowly, it will be reabsorbed by the ground, taken from there by roots of the plants, which will grow and produce leaves and fruits, which have seeds, and the story will keep on going in the same manner.

Now, there is the question, do you believe in reincarnation? If you are not a Hindu or Buddhism, it is less likely to believe such things exist, although the subject does stir your interest. After all, there are those extremely weird deja-vu moments, in which you have the impression that you were in that place before, doing the same thing. How can you explain those? When having those deja-vu events, does it meant that we receive a second chance in living our lives, to repair some mistakes we did in the past one? These are questions that lie without answers for the moment, although there are many unexplained phenomena regarding life after death, the energy that leaves a body after death and many other aspects that can hardly be explained by science.

The truth is probably someone in the middle. It is somewhat hard to believe that such a perfectly constructed body, which can sustain itself by transforming food into energy, for the continuity of its internal processes, just stops working at a point. Also, scientists discovered that even after death, and even if the head is separated from the body, for a few seconds, the brain still functions, as energy still lies within its connections. Maybe this energy does manage to manifest itself in some way after our body becomes non-functional. But this is a different story.

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