Divine Meanings of Coffee Shapes

09 May 2014

Turkish coffee cup reading is an ancient way of divination, occult and fortune telling. Usually this tradition is passed down from one generation to another by grandmothers. In our Australian multicultural society especially the Turkish, Greek, Cypriot, Armenian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, Arabic, Iranian, Azerbaijani, Russian communities are more familiar to this tradition thanks to our older members of our families.

Coffee Cup Reading by Psychic DenizAs a psychic medium I have been using the Turkish coffee as a tool for the last 19 years and I find it very useful in clairsentience and mediumistic channeling Hereby for the readers I would like to explain what some of the coffee ground shapes mean. How do you read a coffee? Simply drink your Turkish style coffee in white china with no inside pattern or decoration. Shapes and patterns inside the coffee cup and on the saucer need to be visible for reading. After drinking most of the liquid in the coffee, cover the cup with the upside-down saucer and swirl three times. Put it down and allow a few minutes for the coffee to settle. Though it has some universally agreed rules, coffee cup reading is a very personal experience based upon on the sixth sense, clairvoyance and concentration.

Let’s begin with separation the cup from its saucer:

Your reading is about to start… When you separate the cup from its saucer, occasionally a big piece of the coffee grind might fall down on to the saucer. Do not worry, this is considered to be a very positive sign as this means that you are achieving your goals and all troubles are leaving you. Stuck: Sometimes the cup and its saucer are stuck when you try to separate them. You can even lift the cup and the saucer beneath comes with it like glued to the white china! They say it is prophet’s coffee cup! Even though this is not what I believe or practice some argue that you do not need to open the cup who drunk the coffee as all wishes of the person will come true anyway.

Saucer: To me symbols on the saucer generally talk about the person’s love and home life.

Bottom & Middle and Top parts: In Turkey coffee cup is divided into horizontal halves: Some instances aside, generally, shapes in the bottom of the cup are the messages that are believed from your past, middle part presents your current day whereas the top and edges give hints of the unknown future. You can always see clues about your home, family, friends and jealousies at the bottom of your cup.

Big Shapes at the top: If the shape is close to the top and also big, some argue that a big event will happen soon.

Lines: Vertical lines are your goals in life. It is believed the bigger, chunkier and darker the lines are the better the outcome gets. All straight lines inside the white china show a clear plan with specific goals whereas the wavy or broken lines mean uncertainty and bad news consequently. Some interprets the cup also in vertical halves to determine the answer of your questions.

Triangle: Change is coming to your life.

Y letter: Good news, help coming from a friend.

Dots: A group of black dots up to 5 or 10 means that you might receive money soon. Some also interpret these dots as a reference to travelling or a message. If a large group of dots are visible in most of the cup, this indicates that the plans of the person who drunk the coffee are not clear enough.

Around the handle of the cup: Open to interpretation… Some readers think part around the cup handle signifies the development of your love life. (Occasionally it might be the case but I save this area for other life issues.)

Right and left: According to the tradition the right side from the cup handle tells the future – again to me it is immediate future –

To me left side of the cup handle is the continuity of the future too. (Some might interpet left part of the handle as present time)

Also depending on the origin of the reader, he/she might read the patterns in the right side of the cup handle as good and patterns in the left side of the cup handle as evil developments.

Eye: If this is an angry and dark looking eye, this clearly means jealousy, evil eye. If this is a positive look then it means someone is thinking of you, missing you.

House: Relocation. The size and look of the shape give clues about your new dwelling.

Circle: A circle with heaps of white area inside means accomplishment in life.

Tree: Things are evolving and progressing the way you want them to be, though slowly. It might mean profit and/or family happiness. Tree is considered to be one of the very good signs.

Gate & Door: Opportunity, opening to a new era.

Crown: Like in any culture crown symbolises success and authority.

Ribbon & Tie: Happy event, celebration.

Star: One of the rare signs to see in a cup and star means investment.

Key: A key means a new house, relocation, financial success.

Sun or sun set: Means power. Very good and unexpected development is occuring.

Bag: Success, money

Ear: Someone is who is quick to pick up news is listening to you.

Butterfly: Unreliable and worrying friendship.

Bird: News but good news.

Holding Hands: Agreement

Anchor: Attaining a high place, finding security in life.

Fish (Any kind including Whale & Dolphin): Very big achievement especially in your career.

Candle: Opening the mind, wisdom and knowledge.

Knife: Physical danger in the future.

Moon: Love

Letter: Good news

Ring: Union, marriage.

Broken ring: Separation

Scissors: Argument with loved ones.

Open the heart: Following the reading, the person who drunk the coffee places his/ her right thumb at the inside bottom of the cup and twists clockwise slightly. This is to create new shapes in the cup to see the very personal emotions and thoughts of the person you read.

With universal peace and love,


Psychic Deniz