Difference Between Psychics, Mediums And Clairvoyants

Some spiritualists just focus on future predictions which is psychic work whereas some can connect with your ancestors from the past, which is called the mediumship. This is the difference between psychic and medium.

Some clairvoyant help brings both though. I am a psychic medium, so I talk about your future options, also your deceased people, depending on your circumstances.

What about clairvoyant and psychic differences… During the sessions, I feel and deliver. Psychics who sense future events by feeling are clairsentients. Clairvoyants see and clairaudients hear messages. In my case, it is mostly feeling and then seeing to an extent. Hearing rarely happens to me.

I would argue that all these differences among clairvoyant psychics and mediums do not affect your reading.

What to Look for When Choosing Your Psychic?

  • Do you feel connected to her or him?
  • Are you looking for a psychic, or a medium, or both? What do you need? If somebody passed away around you, and if you wish to ask about them, then you need a medium rather than a psychic.
  • Do you need to bring some material with you to the reading? Like a personal item, a picture from this dead person. Ask beforehand to your medium.
  • Did you write down your questions?
  • Are you able to record your session, does your reader allow that?
  • Is this the right time to have a reading? Psychologically, and emotionally are you ready for a session?
  • Are you open to hearing it all? Is there any topic you would not rather hear about? You can say it to your psychic beforehand. For example, some people do not wish to hear about death or sickness.
  • Do you know about her/his work, and how she/he conducts the reading? Get some information beforehand by checking their website. Knowledge is good.
  • Does the gender, age, or cultural background of your reader matter to you?
  • If you cry during the session, it is perfectly ok! It only shows You as the client and The Reader are both connected.

Intertwined Supernatural Experiences

I found myself in situations where I connect with a spirit who is talkative. In most cases, these spirits have been a family member of the querent. Together with the spirit, we talked to the client about her future. For instance, there was a grandmother who recently passed away, and her granddaughter was my client. When the spirit came to the reading, rather than herself, she talked about her granddaughter’s future job and boyfriend. It was guidance from the elderly family member to the younger. I was more like a middle guy for a few minutes. There were moments when I disagreed with the grandmother’s choice of words. I said to my client “This sentence is from your reading, your coffee cup, but this other message is from the spirit”.

Usually, you get many details, news from the spirits as most love to drop personal hints till the penny drops, so you would know exactly that they are real and there for you. It might be an anecdote, a shared story, a family gossip, or a keyword to remind you who they are.

The psychic advantages of these sessions are clarity, a sense of direction, closure, healing, and acceptance. For the spirits, I guess, the main benefit is being able to connect with you again.If this excites you, please book an appointment today.