Defeating the Ego & Finding Who You Really Are

27 Sep 2016

egoWe humans are social creatures. In addition to getting the right course, we also have an obligation. Often, we feel our rights are ignored or feel that our arguments are the most correct. If so, then you should need to fix that act because it could be that you are having a crisis of personality in you. Ego is a picture of the personality or the concept of reality and desire within. When the ego is directly proportional to the reality, of course it is considered as a natural thing. However, the real case is if the ego is so dominant and so destructive to the general agreement on the concept of truth. If the ego is left unchecked, a person who could not beat his ego and has a tendency to be apathetic and arrogant, so that it will affect his social life or, in other words, that person will withdraw from social life.

A logical consequence when you are strong enough in defeating the ego in yourself is being ostracized by the community. Of course, it is something that does not want to be experienced by anyone. Therefore, it is good to begin to fix it by getting to know your identity. Someone will be able to get to know himself better than anyone, so he will understand what is needed and what is not. Thus, in practice he will be able to refrain from doing things that are not necessary. So, what you can do to avoid conflicts that can occur with the people around you is by defeating the ego in yourself. However, note that the ego is not easy to beat. First of all, one must be able to know his position in the society or in the surrounding environment. When you know that you are only a small part of the community, then you will be able to begin to accept the existence of others and lower your ego.

Secondly, you should be able to know who you are. This may sound easy, but in reality it is very difficult. Most people feel that they already know who they are, but in fact they only know the outside of themselves or arguably only their physical bodies. This is quite natural because the ones can know us are only ourselves. However, it turns out that the understanding is not accompanied by a determination in finding who we really are. To know who you are, then you can try to explore a wide range of understandings about human creation. If you already find and understand who you are, then you will be much closer to defeating the ego in yourself completely. If it had been up to that point, it will not be difficult for you to be able to socialize in any society. By doing so, a good social life that is coveted by all people can be realized. That is the eternal benefit of being able to defeat your ego.

Psychic Deniz