Testimonials from 2010

Very accurate, like he knew my soul. No fairy tales. Deniz speaks the truth, good and bad, honest.
 – Dec 29, 2010

I found the reading enlightening!
 – Dec 29, 2010

Hi Deniz, your reading blew me away and I can’t wait to tell some people I know and trust. Thank you.
 – Dec 27, 2010

Dear Deniz, I just have a reading with you today. It was a very good and interesting reading you gave me, I am amazed and want to see your predictions happen. You gave me all information in detail as much as you could and it was very helpful for me to make my future decisions.

I will recommend you to my friends and hope to see you again when I come back to Sydney. I really appreciate it and want to say ‘Thank you very much’

 – Dec 21, 2010

My reading was great, I got a lot of answers for things I was confused about. I will definitely recommend Deniz to people. I’ll be back myself.
 – Nov 26, 2010

Speechless! Very accurate and helpful before making future decisions. Very friendly & warm to communicate with and certainly would recommend to others. Thank you Deniz x
 – Nov 25, 2010

I like the reading as Deniz gives advice strongly. For sure I would refer others to him.
 – Nov 24, 2010

Hi Deniz, I went overseas for work, just like you said. For me, it came out of no where, I surely didn’t expect it.
 – Nov 22, 2010

The first thing Deniz said to me that I was about to change my job and the reason behind it. This was spot on! I would highly recommend Deniz.
 – Nov 17, 2010

Deniz is a kind, compassionate man with a rare gift. His reading was incredible. I left with a peace and understanding I haven’t felt in years. Thank you Deniz.
 – October 10, 2010

Hi Deniz,
Just wanted to thank you very much for seeing me in such a short notice last Saturday & thank you for a such an amazingly accurate coffee cup reading! Wow what an amazing ability you have! It is such a great talent. You definitely have more then just an ability to read coffee cup, it was very detailed. I would be more then happy to recommend you to any of my friends. My sister also said hello. We both are very happy!
Thank you once again,
 – October 2, 2010

Thank you very much for everything……I am very pleased with the readings you have done for me…We will definitely stay in touch——count me in as your most regular 😉 Client!!!!
Thanks again
 – September 30, 2010

Thank you for your insightful reading, you are a very interesting calm and gentle soul, I wanted to hear more! Thank you for helping heal my soul a little more after such troubled times. You have a special talent. Can’t wait to see what happens…….
 – September 6, 2010

Very precise, thorough, patient and articulate. I would highly recommend Deniz.
 – September 3, 2010

I’m glad I met Deniz. He came across as a very approachable, pleasant and helpful person. I left satisfied with the coffee cup reading he did for me. I had couple of questions about my life/future and Deniz was able to help me and was precise in what he was saying. I would definitely recommend Deniz to my friends.
 – August 26, 2010

I found the reading very good. Deniz seemed quite accurate on some his descriptions. I would recommend Deniz to my friends. Thank you!
 – August 21, 2010

I felt that it was a very good reading. You touched on the subject and you were very insightful. Thank you.
 – August 15, 2010

I recommend Deniz as he sits and chats first to get a rapport before the reading. During the session he tells you many things about yourself and your issues. His train of thought is not interrupted when you stop the reading to ask him a question.
 – August 11, 2010

Talk about interesting! Deniz has the ability to see details and situations that only a select few people in my life know about, as well as describing personality traits of myself and those around me. The reading was insightful and put me at ease with issues I have been unsure about how to deal with. Deniz is warm and easy to talk to which made the experience even better. Thanks for a great reading!
 – August 4, 2010

The reading was amazing and answered in detail, my many questions I had. I have recommended Deniz to all my friends. I have seen many psychics throughout the years and Deniz has been the best one by far. Will see only him from now on.
 – July 16, 2010

Deniz’s reading was certainly spot on, I recommend him for people who have an interest in their past, present and future.
 – July 14, 2010

“Hi lovely Deniz,

A massive THANK YOU for your readings at the hen day. You were a pleasure to have around and all 10 or so girls that you did readings for thoroughly enjoyed the experience and warmed to you.

I will definitely recommend you to my friends & family.”
 – June 5, 2010

“Thanks for your time today, you created quite the impression at our meeting! Thanks also for the insight you gave me, it certainly gave clarity on what’s been weighing on my mind recently. I wish you all the best.”
 – June 9, 2010

“Denizs character analysis was very accurate – maybe 99 %.”
 – June 5, 2010

“It was an interesting experience for me and I should say that I was very happy with my reading.”
 – May 22, 2010

“I was very happy with the reading. I find Deniz very genuine. I would tell my friends to see Deniz for a reading.”
 – May 14, 2010

“Just a quick note to thank you for your reading. I found your reading intuitive, and could see definite connections and possibilities within all the topics you covered. You were warm, personable, genuine and charming.”
 – Apr 27, 2010

“Deniz was very forthcoming and candid. His unique insight about the people and events surrounding my life was spot on. Highly recommend Deniz. ”
 – Apr 26, 2010

“You have very strong instincts and you know how to express them to people politely. You are honest and the way you are talking persuade people that you are saying only the truths. That’s the major thing. ”
– April 24, 2010

“I really enjoyed Deniz’s reading and admittedly the details he gave quite affected me. Now I hope what Deniz foretold comes true. Thanx”
 -April 21, 2010

“I was extremely happy with my reading, as he explained a lot of things I have experienced in the past as well as what I am experiencing at this very moment. I would recommend him to anyone.”
 – April 16, 2010

“I found the reading to be very insightful and it certainly answered several questions I had been contemplating. I would definitely recommend Psychic Deniz to others.”
 – April 2010

“Deniz was very thorough during my reading and allowed plenty of time to ask questions which I liked. He has a friendly and calming disposition which allows the person experiencing the reading to feel comfortable and at ease. I would highly recommend him as a clairvoyant to anyone interested in wanting to know more about their future. ”
 – April 2010

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