Clues of a genuine reading

05 Oct 2014

accurate psychic reading by Psychic DenizSome of my clients ask me how I can possibly give readings from a distance? It is true that I do psychic phone readings, online fortune telling (via email, Skype or even our old conventional phone) so in many cases I do not necessarily sit face-to-face with my client. In those sessions there is no body language, no mimic gestures, no nodding heads involved, yet the reading works and the customer is satisfied with clarity.

My easiest and the most direct explanation to accurate psychic telling is this: If you are in Florida and I am in Sydney and if I do not see you in fact it is even better, because there is no way to give a cold reading.

Remember you need to be cautious, a psychic medium should not ask you questions before or during the seance. The less I know the more better for you and for the objective outcome.

Let me do the talking. If  I am short of any details, don’t worry I will say more and give more clues in the next chapter. If I can’t perhaps I am unable or wrong. We all deserve to be skeptics in life therefore my readings always come minimum in two or more segments. Only after these various stages I take your questions. Why? Because all questions also hide a little bit of your life and your truth in it and I should not know them beforehand.

Don’t forget we are not friends… This is not a discussion. It is your chance to get your honest answers from a stranger.

What can I wish for you: A new treadmill or elliptical for home? Or a new body for this summer? No, I will stick to my old ways.

I wish love and even more love for you.


Psychic Deniz