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19 Nov 2021

How You Can Trust an Online Psychic

The answer is simple. Exactly how you can trust a psychic in person. My clients, at least some of them met me in the past face to face which made it easier for them to book an online session next time. The reason that I am not doing in-person sessions anymore lies in my focus. […]

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04 Nov 2021

Powerful Ways to Reduce Anxiety with Psychic Reading

Some of my clients call me to book an appointment when they are anxious after a break-up, a loss, or a business problem. I try to calm them down. After evaluation, if a psychic reading is necessary, and if I feel that my client is fit to hear all, then an appointment is granted. If […]

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08 Oct 2021

A Story of a Psychic’s Reading Experience

My customers and I have been through a lot. I have seen lots of stories. Separations, marriages, soul connections, missing people, career problems, domestic violence, the birth of babies. They are all stuck in my mind as part of real psychic experiences. We cried and laughed together on this journey. Prior to major decisions, you […]

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03 Oct 2021

Difference Between Psychics, Mediums And Clairvoyants

Some spiritualists just focus on future predictions which is psychic work whereas some can connect with your ancestors from the past, which is called the mediumship. This is the difference between psychic and medium. Some clairvoyant help brings both though. I am a psychic medium, so I talk about your future options, also your deceased […]

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06 Sep 2021

Why Live Video Psychic Sessions Are Best Suited For You

I started live video psychic readings around 3 years ago, well before the pandemic hit our world. I needed a change. My reasoning was, every client was bringing their own energy into my place. It was getting harder for me to cleanse my home spiritually, and physically after the sessions. I was getting affected by […]

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21 Aug 2021

How To Attract Good Energy and Block Negative Energy

There are many ways to protect yourself, and your loved ones from negative energies. The first-ever rule is you are in the power of your life, nobody else is! You are strong. Psychic energy healing requires self-belief and determination. Take this as homework if you like. Whichever religion or belief system you come from you […]

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10 Aug 2021

How Psychic Energy Works for the Workplace

Psychic energy can cleanse your workplace, as a result you will feel better in your profession. Positive energy at work is very much sought after, there are ways to achieve it spiritually. Your psychic can warn you about upcoming challenges, or successes. This insight gives you an advantage over unforeseen situations. You can cleanse your […]

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07 Jul 2021

How Fortune Telling with Turkish Coffee Works

Fortune telling with Turkish coffee is not any different to other methods like cards. I have been doing this for many years as it is part of my culture, and it is a fun process. You drink your coffee in a cup, or mug. Yet you need to have some coffee residue left in it, […]

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29 Jun 2021

How You Can Transform Your Life With Coffee Cup Reading

As your psychic medium, I give you options of future life, some already foreseen by you, some might come as a surprise. Some benefits of Coffee Cup Reading include details about situations and people you are dealing with. Characteristics, inner desires, and thoughts, the timing of future events can be among your psychic questions about life. As you […]

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