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01 Feb 2024

Turkish Coffee and Tarot

I have been giving Turkish coffee cup readings as a method of divination, and psychic mediumship. Recently i started compliment my coffee readings with tarot cards. Not that coffee readings need something more, but i have a curious nature. I was always intrigued by cards and i found that tarot is a nice way to […]

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03 Apr 2023

Turkish Coffee Reading Technique

In Turkish coffee reading it is imperative to discern dark vs light shapes in a cup called fincan. Fincan presents an overall meaning in the first place. Trained eyes can see if the whole cup gives a favourable or difficult outcome by looking at vertical and horizontal symbols listed. You can set time frames for […]

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05 Feb 2022

The Spiritual Meanings & Symbolism of Butterflies

Spirit guides might appear as butterflies in your coffee psychic reading, or in a meaningful dream of yours. Butterflies manifest various meanings and interpretations depending on our life cycle and how you perceive things. Like a caterpillar turning into something as beautiful as a butterfly, we go through cycles in our journeys. A butterfly is […]

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28 Jan 2022

How To Take A Glimpse Into Your Future With A Psychic

The psychic can give you insights and guidance like the pieces of a puzzle. Some clients wonder how psychics know about you. I do not know about you, I feel it. This is not a learned knowledge, but a sense of knowing through emotionally perceiving it. Sometimes I have visions. Every psychic can be unique […]

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14 Jan 2022

What is the Meaning of a Haunted House Dream?

Every now and then we all have bad dreams. One of the common nightmares is a place where we get lost. It can be a maze, a dark corridor, or a haunted house. To give the best interpretation to our dreams we need to recall as many details as possible. Understandably, dreaming of a haunted […]

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10 Dec 2021

Signs That You Have Found Your Twin Flame

Connecting with the spirit world does not necessarily mean being able to talk to the dead. Sometimes we can reconnect with a soul in this world too, with a very much alive person. This could be your friend, a soul mate, or a twin flame. Not everyone is lucky enough to have this type of […]

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19 Nov 2021

How You Can Trust an Online Psychic

The answer is simple. Exactly how you can trust a psychic in person. My clients, at least some of them met me in the past face to face which made it easier for them to book an online session next time. The reason that I am not doing in-person sessions anymore lies in my focus. […]

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04 Nov 2021

Powerful Ways to Reduce Anxiety with Psychic Reading

Some of my clients call me to book an appointment when they are anxious after a break-up, a loss, or a business problem. I try to calm them down. After evaluation, if a psychic reading is necessary, and if I feel that my client is fit to hear all, then an appointment is granted. If […]

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08 Oct 2021

A Story of a Psychic’s Reading Experience

My customers and I have been through a lot. I have seen lots of stories. Separations, marriages, soul connections, missing people, career problems, domestic violence, the birth of babies. They are all stuck in my mind as part of real psychic experiences. We cried and laughed together on this journey. Prior to major decisions, you […]

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