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05 Aug 2020

Intricacies of the Coffee Cup Reading

Intricacies of the Coffee Cup Reading: Coffee shapes have many meanings and my job is to make sense of them. Coffee residue can be read as a whole picture first, to get an overall gist out of it. This preliminary reading would tell us if the wishes of the coffee drinker are coming true or […]

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10 Aug 2019

Happy with Yourself?

Here is my new YouTube video called “Happy with Yourself?”. In this latest mini vlog I cover your inner self, your environment and your happiness… Please keep watching my coming up new videos. Open to suggestions. On YouTube I am PsychicDeniz  Love to all xx      

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08 Nov 2018

Seeing your Soul through Colours

These days whenever I feel it I do an ancient marble painting art called ebru in Turkey. My interpretation and inspirations are people’s energies. Before my client arrives I do ebru thinking about my customer’s life, let my work dry and put them in an order on top of each other. Wherever I can I […]

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24 Jul 2018

Coffee Cup of Destiny

(Interview by Nic Skuja for International Psychics Directory) I recently had the wonderful opportunity to catch up with the very charming Deniz Batuk, the 2016 IPA Psychic People’s Choice Award recipient. Deniz is a truly global psychic and has recently returned from engagements in Mexico and the United States of America where he presented at […]

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02 Feb 2017

How to Get the Most Out of a Reading

Who gets the most from a psychic reading? I would argue it is an optimist, someone who is relaxed, keeps hope and is prepared to get in and feel better. My coffee cup and I are mere tools to guide you through the millions of available paths.  I can direct you, but it is your choice to take my […]

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29 Nov 2016

Motivate Yourself to Change

I used to be against tattoo or any symbol on the body but I have a better view now. About a month ago I got my arm permanently inked. My middle name is Suleyman or Solomon, a name a share with my grandfather and also the King Solomon whose gift was to talk to animals. Another connection […]

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27 Sep 2016

Defeating the Ego & Finding Who You Really Are

We humans are social creatures. In addition to getting the right course, we also have an obligation. Often, we feel our rights are ignored or feel that our arguments are the most correct. If so, then you should need to fix that act because it could be that you are having a crisis of personality […]

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