Do You Believe in Reincarnation?

The subject of reincarnation is an intricate one, representing a mere fairy tale for some while it is real belief for others. Still, it is said that each myth must have a seed of truth from which it all started. So what made mankind believe in such a thing. If the man fears of something, it may be God and death. Death represents such a gruesome aspect, mostly because no one came back from there to tell us all how it is. Thus, it may not necessarily be a fear of death, but more of the unknown. So having a concept describing that life is not over when you die, that you will come back in another form, can be rather comforting.

reincarnation of life

Reincarnation is a part of Hinduism and Buddhism, these religions believing in the passing of the soul from one body to another. Of course, there are modern religions as well, like Spiritism and Theosophy, which believe the same thing. Still, even if Buddhism talks about reincarnation, they do not speak of the presence of a soul, or spirit, but more of a consciousness, which passes from one life to another. If we are to take the scientific part of reincarnation, science does talk about the fact that in nature, energy is not lost, but reused. Thus, when someone or something dies, the energy of the body is taken, becoming a part of something else and other processes. Let’s take an animal that dies and decays on the forest floor. Slowly, it will be reabsorbed by the ground, taken from there by roots of the plants, which will grow and produce leaves and fruits, which have seeds, and the story will keep on going in the same manner.

Now, there is the question, do you believe in reincarnation? If you are not a Hindu or Buddhism, it is less likely to believe such things exist, although the subject does stir your interest. After all, there are those extremely weird deja-vu moments, in which you have the impression that you were in that place before, doing the same thing. How can you explain those? When having those deja-vu events, does it meant that we receive a second chance in living our lives, to repair some mistakes we did in the past one? These are questions that lie without answers for the moment, although there are many unexplained phenomena regarding life after death, the energy that leaves a body after death and many other aspects that can hardly be explained by science.

The truth is probably someone in the middle. It is somewhat hard to believe that such a perfectly constructed body, which can sustain itself by transforming food into energy, for the continuity of its internal processes, just stops working at a point. Also, scientists discovered that even after death, and even if the head is separated from the body, for a few seconds, the brain still functions, as energy still lies within its connections. Maybe this energy does manage to manifest itself in some way after our body becomes non-functional. But this is a different story.

How to Be a Good Relationship Partner

Believe it or not, being a good partner in any social relationship follows the same recipe. Of course, details are the ones that set one relationship apart from another, but there are a few primary values that must be respected if you want to be a trustworthy and appreciated partner in a relationship. So whether it is a love relationship, business relationship, or a friendship one, they all value the same qualities. The most important of them all is communication. You can’t have any relationship without proper communication. The rest are respect, diplomacy and understanding. The small details foreseen the existence of romantic feelings, business interests or an excellent collaboration, which will make the difference between the types of relationships a person can have.

good relationship partner

So, as you may have noticed, communication is key in any relationship you are involved in. It is true that in the case of a romantic relationship, feelings, emotions and love come forward and exceed in importance communication. Well, it is a wrongful approach, because if the partners involved in such a relationship won’t notice that they need to communicate, and in a good manner also, their connection will not last too long. Do you know why couples end up in therapy? Because they have communication issues. This is what does all the wrong in a relationship, and that is the fact that one fails to communicate, whether the news is good or bad. It is futile to say that communication is the core of a business relationship, and any other social relationship. Humans are creatures that were designed to communicate, and we developed this skill rather well. Still, there are courses that can teach your how to do this better, and improve your business relationships and collaboration with your partners.

We also talked about the importance of diplomacy, respect and understanding. They all play a part in maintaining a relationship healthy. With the help of diplomacy, you will find a way to discuss with your partner even the most delicate or bothering aspects, without hurting or offending him or her. If you don’t have this skill, it would be wise to start working on it, because it is also needed in any relationship. Respect will help you acknowledge the qualities and opinions of your partner, even if they will not always match yours. Still, you will have to respect yourself first, if you want to be respected by others. And do make the difference between respecting someone and being their servant, just because you think it is rude to say “no”. Understanding may come hand in hand with listening to your partner because otherwise it would be very hard to know what they are trying to communicate. You see, words are not the only way of communication between two people, body languages, gestures, states, they all can say a bit of what the other is trying to transmit. Paying attention to what your partner is saying, as well as his behavior and mood, will help you understand better what he or she is trying to transmit.

Nuances Of Coffee Cup Readings From One Country To Another


You may think that a coffee cup reading is basic. Someone looks in the coffee ground sediment at the bottom of the cup and tells you what they see. It’s not that easy. You will quickly learn that there are nuances about the coffee cup reading that happens from one country to another.

The readings occur in many countries, particularly in Turkey, Romania, and Middle Eastern countries.

In the Turkish tradition, the coffee reader will interpret the cup in horizontal halves. The bottom half is viewed as the past while the top half is seen as the future. In some Middle Eastern countries, the right represents positive events while the left represents negative.

In Romania, the mug is to be swirled around until the sediment is able to cover most of the inside surface of the coffee mug. However, in some Middle Eastern countries, it is not to be swirled around. Instead, the cup is turned towards the person who is seeking the answers. There are other countries or even regions that require the saucer to be placed over the mug and then shaken, or even turned three times.

There is also the part of the coffee cup reading that involves the person seeking answers (known as the querent) to open their heart. Some readers will ask the person to do this before even drinking the coffee. Others will ask their right thumb to be placed in the bottom of the mug as a way of smearing the sediment and putting their personal thoughts and emotions into the mug to make for a more customized reading.

In Turkey, it also involves looking for various signs and symbols. The Turkish also believe that a person should never try to interpret their own cup. It is also believed that the telling should always start from the cup’s handle and this will vary based upon whether a person is right handed or left handed.

In Romania, a person is asked to be a part of the coffee making process, which includes spooning the froth from the top onto the coffee cup. The coffee grounds should also be drained so that it is not too wet, and this process alone can take up to few minutes.

There are a lot of nuances that you can encounter when getting a coffee cup reading in one country versus another. When you want to have a psychic reading, Deniz is available to provide you with a coffee cup reading that can prove to be very enlightening.

It can be fascinating to see how the different countries read a coffee cup. It can always mean different things and it can also change based upon the country you are in.

Meanings Of Some Common Coffee Ground Shapes


The meaning of common coffee ground shapes is impacted by the method used to display the grounds. Most practitioners prefer using Turkish coffee because the methods of divination have been practiced in Turkey for the longest time. Turkish coffees produce more sediment and are therefore a better prognosticative tool that provides more information.

You need a skilled and practiced reader to interpret the message that the grounds have for you. The top of the cup contains messages concerning your future and the bottom of the cup reveals the past. The left of the cup can mean no to a direct question or indicate a negative outcome. The right side of the cup means yes to a question or indicates a positive outcome.

Some of the more common coffee ground shapes include the following with one interpretation. The entire interpretation depends on reading all that the grounds and cup have to offer.

Any wild animal shape is an indication of ambition. The key to the shape is a wild animal and not a farm animal, a pet, or a domestic animal. Spiders indicate the receipt of unexpected money or income. Owls are a harbinger of scandal. An eagle means that great improvements are in store for you. A dolphin means good news is on your way. A bird means news is coming to you. A bear can mean you are about to take a journey or face a difficult trial.

Domestic animals also have special meanings. A dog means that you can rely on friends to help you in a difficulty. A cat means a quarrel is brewing that will be short lived. Your noble nature or the noble nature of another person that enters your life is inferred by a horse.

Common household objects have a great significance and definite meaning in coffee grounds. A chair means that you will entertain an unexpected guest. A candle indicates that you will receive help in an enterprise from a friend or relative. A chain can be an indication of an impending marriage or the formation of a mutually beneficial business partnership. An earring implies that great care must be used in finding an explanation to your inquiry. Keys mean you may have to move. A knife is an indication of danger.

Common plants take on special meanings in coffee grounds. Beans indicate you will have difficulties in finance. Clover implies affection either coming your way or being given to another. Love is indicated by the shape of a daisy. Any type of fruit indicates that your endeavors will be prosperous. A pear has the special benefit of a secure financial future. Trees mean that changes for the better are coming your way.

These are just a few of the multitude of meanings and insights that coffee ground shapes can give to you provided the shape is interpreted by a skilled and dedicated practitioner of the art of coffee ground reading.

What Is Scrying Method And How Does It Help To See Your Future?


Scrying is a means of divining the future that is as old as the ancient Persian Empire and probably very much older. Scrying can be done with many types of objects and you have probably experienced the method by staring at any object while consciously trying not thinking about anything.

The most ancient scrying tools are fire, smoke, and water. More modern scrying objects include crystal balls, mirrors, and any stone, glass, or mineral that is translucent and or luminescent.

Scrying is a learned skill. Some people are born with a natural ability to scry that is innate but the skill for divining the past, gaining insights into the future, and obtaining direction for the present are possible for anyone that practices. Scrying is a very personal thing and the best known practitioners of the art recommend that a person practice alone and does not reveal the answers that they receive from their insights.

The fundamental concept of scrying is the minimization of the self in an effort to receive spiritual and psychic guidance from the universal whole. The answers to your questions about the future are delivered through your subconscious mind. You must accept the fact that all things are already known to the universe and that your future can be revealed if you are willing to accept that fact and practice scrying.

You will need a quiet place to scry. You must seek to eliminate all distractions from outside and from within in order to receive revelations about the future.

The results of scrying to foretell the future is independent of the object used to scry, the color of the object, or the shape of the object. The object is not doing anything. The object is your point of focus that helps you minimize the influences of the physical world, your own thoughts and emotions, and allows you to make a connection with the psychic whole of the universe.

You are attempting to reach a deep meditative state and the object that you concentrate on is simply a focal point to reach that state. As you progress you will notice a release of physical tension in all of your body and your mind as you let go of physical concerns and become involved with the directions that the universe has for you.

With practice you will begin to see impressions of objects in the scrying tool that you are concentrating on. These images and impression are the directions for your future that the universe is trying to give you. The images may be confusing and strange when you first begin scrying.

The majority of people that receive insight for the future through scrying keep a journal of their visions during each scrying session. Review of the journal when you are not scrying will reveal a pattern that is the direction the universe has for your future.

You Can Also Read The Coffee For Yourself

You have likely heard about coffee cup readings. While you can always book a reading with a fortune teller, there are plenty of people who say that you can do the reading on your own by learning how to interpret some of the designs that are left in the coffee cup after you have drank the coffee.

The first thing you have to do is get a cup of coffee. Not any coffee is going to work. It has to be Turkish or some other kind that will leave sediment at the bottom. While you want to drink most of the coffee in the mug, be sure some of the sediment resides at the bottom when you’re done.

Some people say to swirl the mug when you have consumed the coffee while others say to cover the mug with the saucer and shake or turn three times. Either way, it allows the grounds to be moved around the bottom of the mug a little bit to provide better coverage. This can make it easier to read because there will simply be more designs and therefore can be more telling as to what’s going on.

Have a few ideas as to what you want to know before you even begin drinking. This is said to have a better impact on being able to answer your questions. Continue to think about what you want to know as you finish the coffee. You can then answer your questions by asking into the mug and looking for the answers.

Hold the mug and visually split it down the middle. You can look at the right side as positive and answer questions with a “yes”. The left side is the negative side and answers questions with a “no”. There are various books and websites that can help you to interpret some of the shapes and overall designs that are left in the mug as well.

If you want to put your emotions and thoughts into the reading, it’s also a good idea to take your right thumb towards the bottom of the mug and then move it in a clockwise position. This is going to upset the sediment and put a new design – one that has your emotions and personality in it. This can allow for a deeper reading because it is now even more personalized for you.

You can always choose to read the coffee mug on your own, though it does go against some traditions. If you want to know more about how to read the mug or you want to have a professional fortune teller do it for you, psychic readings by Deniz can be set up. This will allow you to ask questions and receive in-depth information about your life, your future, and more.

History Of Coffee Cup Reading

Coffee beans background image...

The history of coffee cup reading is long and dates back centuries. It is also known as tasseography, which is a form of fortune telling that interprets the patterns that are left by the coffee grounds. It has been found all the way back do the medieval times, when European fortune tellers would develop readings from lead, wax, and splatters from other molten substances.

This type of reading evolved into the tea and coffee reading of the 17th century. Once Dutch merchants began introducing tea and coffee into Europe, the fortune tellers began to use the coffee cup reading as a way of being able to tell people more about themselves, and often be able to predict the future as well.

Coffee cup reading is particularly found throughout Greece, Serbia, and Turkey. Turkish coffee is the most commonly used coffee, but it can involve any other coffee where grounds are left at the bottom of the cup. A person is asked to consume most of the coffee, but sediment is left to settle. It is also suggested that a person do not read their own cup, but I do sometimes.

There are ways to look at the coffee cup in vertical and horizontal halves. The vertical interpretations are able to answer “yes” and “no” questions. Anything on the left half has been considered negative while anything on the right is positive.

Romanian methods require sediment to be swirled until it covers most of the surface on the inside of the cup while Turkish and Middle Eastern traditions don’t want many times of the swirling, but they do require the cup to be turned upside down.

The querent or person who is seeking the reading, is sometimes asked to place their right thumb in the bottom of the cup and then twist clockwise. This is done to leave an impression that has the ability to contain inner thoughts and emotions.

There have been instances throughout history where someone who has been involved with coffee cup reading was charged of magic or witchcraft. The most recent was in 2007, where a fortune teller in Israel was charged with practicing magic, but the person was acquitted because the government found it too hard to prove.

While coffee cup reading is just one of the forms of tasseography, it has been in practice for the longest. Wine and tea are other forms, though they don’t date back quite as far back as the coffee grounds in the cup. As for the correct form of reading, it depends on ethnic tradition.

You may be surprised to learn how coffee cup reading can have an impact on your life. Coffee cup readings by Psychic Deniz can enlighten you. The specific information from your cup and saucer can answer a lot of questions.

Be Your Own Psychic


Each and every human being has the ability to tune into their own psychic intuition. It is normal for an individual to overlook or even ignore the spiritual link or inner visions that they are capable of accessing within themselves. Lack of understanding or fear and doubt can cloud the mind and conceal the knowledge that is there waiting to be discovered.

With the right tools anyone can access their inner psychic. Many beginners rely on code and number systems, as they seem the easiest to follow. Contrary to popular belief, most psychic messages do not manifest in spoken language but rather numerical data stored in the mind. The key is to tap into that data and translate it into usable and accurate information.

There are many different numerical systems that can be applied to the inner guidance that exists in everyone, though some are more advanced or non-effective. The best system to begin with is one that relies on the natural numbers, that is 1-64, as well as binary numbers 2 to the zeroth and 2 to the 6th power. Numeric systems are the easiest way to interpret the messages your psychic mind is receiving, primarily because numbers are the key to the organization of the universe we exist in.

Perhaps the most important element of being your own psychic is the depth of your need and receptiveness. The mind must be open to the spiritual truth that psychic abilities are born with us, every single one of us, and we are able to access them with the right knowledge.

When you are ready to begin your own psychic reading there are a few tips to help you succeed. First, be mindful of your environment.

Choose a space that is calm, quiet, and promotes a feeling of comfort and relaxation. Quiet your thoughts and focus only on your question. It is best to focus on one thing at a time, and avoid straying off of topic. If you are unable to quiet your thoughts, relax, and focus, then you need to attend to whatever it is that might be distracting you. Without a quiet mind you will not see success.

Once you are comfortably in your inner space and your focus is on your question, allow your mind to shift to numbers. Think of only two numbers between 1-64, the natural number, and try to visualize them, allow them to form on their own, let them take shape and become solid, clear numbers behind your closed eyelids. Once you have your numbers, or even the same number twice, you are ready to begin interpretation of your reading. This is a bit more in-depth. You will need to learn a bit about I Ching Oracle readings. Alternatively, you can plug the numbers into an interpretation program.

However, you may not need and aid in interpretation, you may find that your ability goes beyond simply receiving information from the spiritual universe, perhaps you can also interpret it naturally, with no guidance needed? Such a discovery may come as a surprise but a welcome one no doubt!

How To Stay Happy In Challenging Work Places

If there’s anything that many of us are familiar with, it’s that feeling of longing a person has when they realize that they are not fully happy or fulfilled at their place of work. So how does one stay happy when they are at a challenging workplace? Read on to learn more.

 Leave Personal Problems At Home

We’ve all had that one co-worker who just couldn’t keep themselves from talking about outside gossip, or their cheating spouse, or their family problems. While we all need someone to vent to every once in a while, it is best to find that person outside of the workplace. Leave personal problems at home and use your work hours wisely.

 Make Your Place Of Work More Like Home

No, you can’t bring your favorite set of pajamas or your trusty alarm clock. But bear in mind that you will be spending more time at work than you will at home or in your bed. Spruce up your work area and make it feel more like a sanctuary. This gives you a safe place to hideaway from work related stress factors.

 Find A Group Of Like-Minded Individuals

Allowing too much of your social life to bleed over into your work can be problematic. When your workplace becomes challenging, it is best to find a group of colleagues who are in your same age group, share your interests and can serve as a sounding board to voice your thoughts and feelings.

Carve Out Time To Move Around

A lot of modern workplaces lend themselves to a sedentary lifestyle, which is why it is important to carve out periods of time each day when you are able to get up and move about. Instead of spending your lunch break hunkered over a desk, go out and take a walk. The vitamin D that the sun provides is great for your physical and mental health.

 Accept What You Cannot Change

Chances are high that you will not be able to change the things about your job that you do not like, especially the mentalities of your coworkers. The only thing that you have the ability to change about your challenging workplace is the manner in which you choose to react to it.

 Treat Yourself

This reward should involve something outside of your job. When your superiors do not recognize your hard work and your efforts, take to treat yourself to a nice dinner, a night on the town, a manicure, anything that makes you feel appreciated.

 Focus On The Future

Whether the workplace is challenging because you do not envision a future for yourself at the company or it is challenging because of more complex factors, focus on what the future holds and make a feasible plan for yourself. If you want out, think about ways to make this fantasy a reality. If you want more out of your job, take the time to thoughtfully consider your approach to obtaining it.

Living In This Moment Rather Than Worrying About The Future All The Time


As humans, we often struggle to truly enjoy the moment we are living in and our minds tend to drift toward the future on a frequent basis. This is a personal choice that we make and we often make it without even knowing it. While people will ask me questions like “Psychic Deniz, what does my future hold?” and “Will my dreams ever come true?”, the key to answering these questions is to merely live in the moment.

Even the best plans, those that are well thought out and consider all of the possibilities are not infallible. Changes happen and they happen fast. As such, it makes little to no sense to worry about a future that you cannot possibly predict. Not only is it impossible to tell your own future, but repeatedly attempting to do only serves to diminish your enjoyment of the present.

Each day presents its own challenges and opportunities to become an even better version of yourself. Spending precious minutes, hours, days and weeks worrying about the future may seem like an intelligent choice. However, all you are doing is costing yourself chances to improve as a person while you wait for the future to arrive.

The future is going to happen, regardless of how well you plan for it. The best thing you can do is maximize your present and work on bettering yourself. That way, when the future finally does come to fruition, you are ready for any problems and issues that the universe should decide to throw your way (and trust me, it will).

So get the most enjoyment possible out of each and every moment you live in. There are few things worse than looking back on the past and realizing that you did not soak up all the wisdom and joy that was available to you. Worrying about the future does very little to prepare you for what’s ahead, but it can definitely keep you from enjoying what is taking place right now.

So live in the moment and enjoy life for what it is right now, as opposed to obsessively worrying about the future. Now make the right choices when the chance is there and seize the moment you are in leaving the future where it belongs!