Be Your Own Psychic

19 Nov 2015


Each and every human being has the ability to tune into their own psychic intuition. It is normal for an individual to overlook or even ignore the spiritual link or inner visions that they are capable of accessing within themselves. Lack of understanding or fear and doubt can cloud the mind and conceal the knowledge that is there waiting to be discovered.

With the right tools anyone can access their inner psychic. Many beginners rely on code and number systems, as they seem the easiest to follow. Contrary to popular belief, most psychic messages do not manifest in spoken language but rather numerical data stored in the mind. The key is to tap into that data and translate it into usable and accurate information.

There are many different numerical systems that can be applied to the inner guidance that exists in everyone, though some are more advanced or non-effective. The best system to begin with is one that relies on the natural numbers, that is 1-64, as well as binary numbers 2 to the zeroth and 2 to the 6th power. Numeric systems are the easiest way to interpret the messages your psychic mind is receiving, primarily because numbers are the key to the organization of the universe we exist in.

Perhaps the most important element of being your own psychic is the depth of your need and receptiveness. The mind must be open to the spiritual truth that psychic abilities are born with us, every single one of us, and we are able to access them with the right knowledge.

When you are ready to begin your own psychic reading there are a few tips to help you succeed. First, be mindful of your environment.

Choose a space that is calm, quiet, and promotes a feeling of comfort and relaxation. Quiet your thoughts and focus only on your question. It is best to focus on one thing at a time, and avoid straying off of topic. If you are unable to quiet your thoughts, relax, and focus, then you need to attend to whatever it is that might be distracting you. Without a quiet mind you will not see success.

Once you are comfortably in your inner space and your focus is on your question, allow your mind to shift to numbers. Think of only two numbers between 1-64, the natural number, and try to visualize them, allow them to form on their own, let them take shape and become solid, clear numbers behind your closed eyelids. Once you have your numbers, or even the same number twice, you are ready to begin interpretation of your reading. This is a bit more in-depth. You will need to learn a bit about I Ching Oracle readings. Alternatively, you can plug the numbers into an interpretation program.

However, you may not need and aid in interpretation, you may find that your ability goes beyond simply receiving information from the spiritual universe, perhaps you can also interpret it naturally, with no guidance needed? Such a discovery may come as a surprise but a welcome one no doubt!

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