Avoiding sickness, calling for happiness

08 Dec 2014

Your emotions are touchable. They have tentacles and arms like an octopus to caress, hold or sometimes squeeze the physical body. Don’t be fooled by the kindness of the society, any secret feelings of yours can be felt by others around!

transcendent corridorDeep-buried desires will be manifested in real actions sooner or later as your dreams always find a way to reach the surface one day. Provided that you are open enough to read and accept those feelings then you can learn from yourself and better this life.

If you close your eyes to the truth laid bare before your eyes then there might be an invitation for diseases.

Public image can wait but not your true self.  By being just who you are can liberate the existence, take the soul to a completely new journey in this world. Don’t be scared of the outside world. Daring perhaps, but also essential to lead a less-complicated world for you. A heaven. Your heaven.

Don’t forget oppressed individuals, groups or nations lack the ability to mature the way they are supposed to. Instead of judging this and that, it is time to focus in 2015 what you have in hand. You…

With thoughts + love,


Psychic Deniz