Appointments Page

My Dear Client,

I handle all appointments myself. For all appointments please send me a text or Whatsapp message on +61 406 985 290. If you live out of Australia then you can email me: [email protected]

After the booking if you want to cancel a cancellation fee of $30 applies to all bookings. If you are not sure please do not book as it is double work for both of us.

DISRESPECTFUL BEHAVIOUR: I am blessed, surrounded by nice clients. Still there are 1 percent of other people they bully or harass if they don’t hear what they wanna hear.

The fees are for my time. Do not send nasty messages, or ask for a refund after the sessions are complete please. 5 mins into reading session, if you do not wanna go ahead you have a chance to cancel to get your full refund.  To know what to expect from a reading and your rights please visit the Terms and Conditions page beforehand.