A Story of a Psychic’s Reading Experience

08 Oct 2021

My customers and I have been through a lot. I have seen lots of stories. Separations, marriages, soul connections, missing people, career problems, domestic violence, the birth of babies. They are all stuck in my mind as part of real psychic experiences. We cried and laughed together on this journey. Prior to major decisions, you came to see me as your psychic and fortune teller, and I tried to do my best. 

Psychic medium services require honesty during the session. The psychic needs to be honest to herself/himself first, then to the client. It is not easy to say to someone what will happen, especially if the outcome is not positive. On the other hand, you have to tell your customer what is waiting for her/ him. Finding this balance needs time, skill, empathy. True psychics deliver the message from the spirit. And you need to do it in a reading time, let’s say in 45 minutes. There is lots of internal and external pressure; one from your own mind, and then from your customer’s expectations. In the end, the true psychics have to say what they need to say regardless of the reaction they might receive from their querent. 

From the psychic’s perspective, these people become like your family in time. You know their deep thoughts, secrets nobody else knows. You also share some aspects of your life with them, so they know you too. In time, some clients change countries; they marry, they become a parent, they divorce, they pass away. And as a psychic, you are part of their journey. You are not an isolated unit in society anymore, but thousands of interwoven lives and souls are with you. 

In this blog I am not going to talk about the client experiences, I leave that to them in reviews, in their chats with their friends. Instead, I am going to talk about how this business affected me in the long run and my experience with it. People say my eyes look wiser now. Sure, I am aging, and this is normal, right? I am not talking about physical aging though; the soul feels more mature at a faster rate.

Psychic reading experiences change the psychic too. One becomes less tolerant about noise, needs more “me time”, and chooses to live a bit separate from crowds. You love people, yet on the other hand, you crave your privacy more than ever. I call this shared experience a sacred one for you and me for the following reasons:

Why Is Psychic Experience Sacred? 

  • You share your most intimate secrets, so there is a lot of trust going on. 
  • This trust is built over a very short time considering other relationships with friends or family.
  •  It is a spiritual contract; the psychic keeps your secrets.
  • This moment is when you can feel safe and let things go. 
  • We learn from each other.
  • It breaks your routine and gives fresh thoughts, changes. It is something special. Therefore, it is not advisable to have psychic readings too often.

As said here I can’t talk about individual readings. Yet as a collective message for us all, I feel we are getting stronger and stronger day after day. The things we used to cry over became something trivial, and we adapt faster. When I try to help you, I see the issues we are dealing with are the ‘really big’ ones. Not easy. People ask more and more about spiritual, existential, fundamental problems of life. I feel we are getting more soul-connected than ever. Would you like to book a Coffee Session? Or you can reach out to me to know more about Coffee Cup Reading.

Psychic Deniz